Young Chinese lift alone tide to “never” : marriage seems to be no good

new reports, family values are still deep-rooted traditional Chinese society, also began to appear in recent years the world trend is not married, live alone.

young Chinese lift & quot; Never live alone tide & quot; : marriage seems to be no good

Singapore lianhe zaobao, 20 or 30 years ago, almost everyone in the social atmosphere of marriage, don’t live alone is considered a failure marriage life, is worthy of compassion, even by the object of social discrimination. Conceptual change, but as the economic environment and family not married, life, living alone in a big city is no longer so rare or & other Abnormal & throughout; .

& other; No matter how busy, everyday want to spare some time to get along with guqin, guqin is pleasure myself instead of pleasing others Musical Instruments. Often fondle string music, can let own inner silence, feel the flow of time, feel the ancients of the artistic conception. Throughout the &;

a foreign company in Beijing financial executives luona (31) to describe her feelings of a person’s life. Since 10 years ago to study abroad, rona is formed the habit of independent living. After returning from a well-paid job, plus generous support her parents have house, car, a person’s life have a more flavorful: member of the guqin, yoga, shopping, take part in the various interest groups, also may at any time to a trip for said come away.

rona lively outgoing thering is no lack of suitors, she also don’t think she’s a stand firm not knot, just easygoing solitary life let her temporarily unable to be tempted to the marriage, & other; Or does not have to meet the right person & come throughout; She laughs.

was born in 1987, wang rui a television editor (Beijing) fell in love with her boyfriend for three years, also don’t want to talk about marriage.

& other; Now life is I want & throughout; , the personality is bright and clear she jokingly: & other; Marriage has & lsquo; Risk & rsquo; ! A downscale does not guarantee loyalty, permanent, instead is a constraint, not bound to feel romantic, will cherish all the more. Moreover, there are a variety of uncertainty in the marriage, fire alarm control small three, to take care of their family’s extended/priest, divorce and bone, so why don’t want to get married? Throughout the &;

in these economic + spirit independent Chinese younger generation’s view, marriage doesn’t seem to advantage. In this kind of idea guidance, late marriage, not married, living alone is becoming more and more market.

in 2015, the unmarried population of 200 million, China alone population rose from 6% in 1990 to 14.6% in 2013, living alone has more than 58 million people, including 20 to 39 years old young alone nearly 20 million households.

solitary surge, Chinese media exclaimed the fourth single wave hit, sensational and reported to the single wave mainly unmarried youth will impact and world war ii. for the happy young people living alone, facts and render the seriousness of the public opinion are very different things. A person’s life means more independence, fashion and freedom.

in knowledge groups gathered online q&a platform zhihu, & other; Throughout a person’s life &; Is a hot topic, the attention of millions of netizens, speech enthusiasm far more than love, marriage, the discussion of the cooking.

like-minded alone who share all kinds of life experience, from the long trip, home decoration, to buy vegetables soup, even to prepare the zeal of toilet paper are given in detail, such as the guidance, help with ethnic rookies to adapt to a personal life for the inconvenience and loneliness.

scholar: living alone never in the future will also & other; Escalating & throughout;

li yinhe, a researcher at the Chinese academy of social sciences sociology has surveyed said, China has begun to live alone is not the wedding process, the future will also & other; Will be escalating & throughout; .

she explained, the institution of marriage and of human nature, and the extension of modern social life expectancy, led to the modern people to the traditional marriage is no longer love.

she thinks: & other; The formation of the modern society, marriage and family is not as it used to be based on family or for mutual economic assistance, marriage is more and more on the basis of love, the pursuit of romantic love, marriage has become a kind of constraint, then nothing else. Throughout the &;

at the same time, the life expectancy, in the agricultural society, including the western traditional pre-industrial society only their 30 s and 40 s, & other; It is easy to stick, and the couple feelings before has not changed, the order & throughout; , and contemporary social, age and life expectancy, & other; Fixed marriage life only two people, not someone else, will appear a lot of boredom, friction and pain. Many people are reluctant to restrict, give up the marriage. Throughout the &;

in addition, women’s economic independence is also the Chinese never live alone the higher number of important reasons.

li yinhe said: & other; Men in the past, homemaking women, men earn money outside, woman at home xiangfujiaozi, women don’t get married there is no life source, now women have the economic income, the possibility of selective single, there is no such possibility in the past. Throughout the &;

women emotional experts Su Qin when questioned also expressed a similar view, she said: & other; Now women are in addition to not her own children, can do other things, their own economic independence, for marriage, has been transformed by the value of the material for the additional demand of feelings. A lot of people will no longer is no feelings of marriage to make & throughout; .

2016, tencent about Chinese marriage survey, 36.8% of single women don’t think marriage is very happy.

the trend of Chinese people never live alone, is a reflection of the single wave all over the world. Academic analysis, the advent of the single wave, is the human society has continued for hundreds of years of family dissolution process of a result. Human from primitive society, agricultural society to the male plow female weave, to everyone from home put into industrial production, food, clothes outsourcing industrial society, many of the traditional family function was replaced by the convenience provided by the business, is not required in the concept of marriage in the singles, but only is a choice.

however, although not married late marriage team is more and more big, the younger generation also learn self improvement in solitude, scholars have questioned is put forward, in the traditional family values still ingrained in Chinese society, & other; The value of marriage still has a special important & throughout; .

said li yinhe, & other; There are three unfilial, ways & throughout; The traditional concept of marriage and family for thousands of years have been internalized to national psychology.

although the 80 s with the concept of marital status measure of success in life has a huge change, but for many Chinese, the family still plays an important role in secular religion, & other; China has no god worship, but has the ancestor worship, do you think is the source of immortality by the next generation to inherit their blood. Throughout the &;

she points out that in China, even if is gay, also somebody with heterosexual marriage, seventy percent of which is the purpose of marriage with to pass.

she said, in the investigation of the gay, a lot of gay men is the only boy in the home, they choose the reason of heterosexual marriage is & other; If not married, not to have children, I’m sorry parents. Throughout the &;

in addition, the general phenomenon of Chinese families have urge marriage, forced marriage, & other; Leftover women & throughout; The word since 2007 after a long stay in the list of topics is a continuation of the traditional concept.

in the face of the phenomenon, some people suggested that the traditional family sense of responsibility, loyalty, assume, in the spirit of sacrifice for the next generation, is worth promoting values and virtues, society should urge to maintain a family as the unit of social structure, but also some people suggested that modern people’s life style and concept become varied, don’t live alone increased ratio of marriage is not reverse the trend, the progress of an inclusive society should give more tolerance and understanding, single people in the face of aging and death, may also need the support of social resources.