Women want to take which possess oneself of four types of men

guide language: contemporary marriage advocate a radish, a pit, destined to some men in love stage will be a good catch, because women know that marriage is a top priority, meet quality male will start first. & have spent

women most want to possess oneself of which four types of the man?

the contemporary marriage also popular lianliankan, love is doomed to some woman in the face of high quality male can have the feeling of brief encounter, to embrace the principle of dividing a pair is a pair of abandoned ethics. & have spent

a lot of women will fall back to the right man’s behavior is regarded as the most crazy things in life do, those who can’t get the woman or sad, or cry, or unwilling, until I really a little hope is gone, will scold 1 & lsquo; I really mean & rsquo; And start a new life. & have spent

so, in the emotional world, women most want to possess oneself of which four types of the man? & have spent

a, handsome but few words. & have spent

flower avi nuttiness absolutely not cover, meet a handsome man to change character, can play in front of it, especially when a handsome words and a few men, avi finance index has soared. Because the men usually flowers avi to keep promise to also don’t refuse to attitude. That seems to have a hope to catch it, but also often feel hopeless despair, can let a slut to live not to die not. In this state, the flower slut even already smell the indifference of the handsome man, as long as the best handsome man not to say & lsquo; We are not suitable & rsquo; As a result, will play chicken blood, trying to please. Make mean serious case, even handsome male clear and you can’t, as long as each other in a single state, will do whatever it takes to sell, and silly to think that as long as you love the deep, the other will be moved. & have spent

2, rich but not high profile. & have spent

two gold men more point, a low-key manner, make women feel its connotation; Another is a high-profile way, make women feel the vulgar. Women worship money because the hero complex inherent in the theory of money of the hero s, will rich man as the object of worship, and decided that as long as you work hard to be near more gold man, even if the harvest less than love, at least someone can give a chance to make money. Therefore, the casting couch of women everywhere. Even there could be some gold diggers to build & lsquo; Suitable & rsquo; The illusion, willing to hit swollen face depth, before more gold men showing generosity. Until one day, a negative motivation was revealed and, after languishing just shouted 1 & lsquo; I really mean & rsquo; And education around peers: don’t hobnobbing with the rich, the somebody else’s money and you don’t have anything to do. & have spent

three, learned but doesn’t matter. & have spent

in The Times of the majority of money has a strong interest in, no matter the man will be a woman as a wonderful work. But those who grew up in rich family woman, for money also have no too much concept, therefore, daughter always silly think, miss only and knowledgeable and does not matter of the opposite sex can contribute to a pure love. The woman because all the year round by their parents in the thought of knowledge is wealth, thus no resistance to knowledgeable members of the opposite sex completely. No matter learned men, having treat money like dirt, even in the presence of noble miss daughter, can still keep poor zou zou gao, homeland to conquer the desire. Because miss daughter is often look up, she needs to find a man look up to fall in love. Until the dignity is learned but not the physical man stepped on the foot, will MAO 1 & lsquo; I really mean & rsquo; . & have spent

four, gourmet but not promiscuous. & have spent

there is a man quality is very high, both in the family life, or in daily work, to be able to put yourself in the family or colleagues. The man in the life level is almost close to perfect, make a lot of people are willing to with it. Over time, the charm of his life will attract a lot of the opposite sex, especially those who feel emotions were of the opposite sex. In contrast to be with her boyfriend or husband, emotional balance will gradually tilted, and admiration to the first generation, after the stop. In this state, the male is good the other half of the textbook, let affectionate woman, appear thereby make mean behavior. Such emotions often & lsquo; I love die & rsquo; , because of such a man would never because any woman moved outside of marriage to his wife and children care, if you have lots of to him, he will be hard for you to refuse.