Women still idiomatic 10 excuse

guide language: talking about women cheating, or is too lonely, either because the men in the life of husband and wife can’t meet his wife normal physiological needs.

woman an affair 10 big excuse

when was caught cheating, some people will use lie to cover up, and some people even say a bunch of excuses, let a person feel & other; She said good sense, I was speechless & throughout; . Here we count that women use an excuse to be derailed.

women cheating the first big factors: the marriage lack of love

a deep looking for in the past, you are not interest in me, for I have a lot of interest in sex. Married women than the premarital care more about their men, men marry often have no former passion, for their own women day indolent.

women cheat the second factor: the temptation of reality

women cheating are more likely than men to find objects. The temptation of life, women more than men, any a woman who looks a bit since the childhood from before to after marriage should have experience of countless men entangled.

women cheat the third big factors: decompression

China’s women most want to go out to work for the family, and there are thousands of household chores in the home, and education of children, often under more pressure than men.

women cheating the fourth factor: seek to be taken care of and love the feeling of

most of the women in the family is the role of caregivers, take care of man, take care of the children, in fact a woman both mentally and physically more needs to be taken care of. Have you noticed the married woman more than a lifetime don’t marry the woman easily aging haggard?

women cheating of 5 factors: lonely heart

women tend to marry, it is no longer the gay friend, not a woman hoes before bros, but work and family for a long time, friendship is very extravagant thing, a man came to go out with friends, from time to time to go out for a drink, massage, stay at home watching children are lonely woman.

women derailment of the six major factors: unmanned surveillance, safe

a woman get married, will immediately have a lot of sense of crisis, intentionally or unintentionally will be guarding their own husband, don’t give it a chance to cheat. While men tend to be too confident, think married wife like oneself hold back a pig in the market, will never betray yourself. Strike in the trust of out the racket, and night.

women cheating of 7 factors: economic health

as long as slightly feminine beauty of a woman, as long as a little over words color, there will be a big send men to the door, is willing to help you. Unlike men, want to cheat, have to pay for looking for miss, kept spending is bigger, average man can’t afford.

women cheating of 8 factors: high safety coefficient

men cheat risk is very big, looking for easy to catch miss XING, disease, say don’t ask for a chick for women and so little, basically is extinct, often is soon to enter and make your reputation, their families. Derailed and women often don’t have to worry about these.

women cheating of 9 factors: physiological advantage

there is a men the most don’t want to listen to reason, it is in fact, women are more dominant physiological structure. Have you noticed, sultry women tend to be more gorgeous, but the man of flower heart weakness often present. A woman was having an affair so can satisfy the husband, the man was having an affair mostly only basic no wife.

women cheat the tenth largest factor: resentful

life of husband and wife is a very important content. Because her husband dysfunction, or because the pursuit of career busy all day long, neglect to give his wife, or husband in the outside lust debauchery, cannot satisfy the wife normal physiological needs, as time passes, will make his wife resentment psychology, thus likely & other; An affair & throughout; .