Women revenge man three tips

guide language: now, cheating men. As a side of the woman, he will stop there? Of course not, on the contrary, they will seek revenge cheating men.

women revenge man 3 big idiomatic way

women revenge man three tips:

1. & other; Abuse & throughout; The man’s parents

by way of this kind of revenge is cowardice, mostly cultural quality is not high, but the heart has unwilling woman. Most of them had a strong male chauvinism even like chatter of force husband, usually the husband at did anything wrong and bad things out at home, she is afraid to utter a sound, but that doesn’t mean they was real tribute, as for the outside to look for a man and noisy, they are never afraid to.

the money, for the most part are completely control by men, so they will find it out on the man’s parents, the man acted for the elderly at home care, and when a man is not at home, and elder abuse, the heart of all grievances out on, the old man’s all light of ignoring old people battling the eyesight of the cold violence, or let old people go hungry when the attractions in the home, moreover also for the elderly.

2. Beat and scold children

by way of this kind of revenge is living mostly and the husband is regardless of the woman home anyway. They are mostly in the outside world and integrity is a good wife and good daughter-in-law, and the heart is dissatisfaction of reality, especially in the face of the left home regardless of even philandering man is very hate, but is unable to change the status quo. The better of her, don’t go to outside crying; Filial piety strong, she also won’t abuse to the old; She doesn’t spend money more family.

but this time is the most poor children, in their view the child is born, is also one of the world she the only one who can totally has the power to abuse and discipline. They do not allow children to oneself have no violation and not obedient, otherwise they are very easy to think of father that left home regardless of you damn fool, couldn’t help but often children to vent as object.

3. No matter, runaway

the women of the revenge mode has two kinds: one kind is young, setbacks like childish, to compromise in return for a husband. The second is through many years of marriage, the husband has been disappointing.

the first kind is easy to solve, the man simply its mood, acknowledge it lowered its head to her, then a joke coax her smile, she did not just a few days with you to go home;

the second solved is bad, they are mostly listen to too many men make more sweet words, after every wrong, to give him the opportunity to make corrections, and may be changed after still committed, and pain, for they have not such a man be a glimmer of hope, the best thing to do is see don’t bother, can’t afford to provoke you, can I still can’t afford to hide? You are not willing to divorce? That line, you have to you, I have my, don’t you go I go, as long as far away from you I am happy, my life there is hope.

there are some woman more is special way of retaliation, they will not leave a man, also won’t quarrel, but it is not easy to use sex to punish this kind of man was found to revenge. For these women, men have betrayed yourself, then wait for physiological needs, directly to look for another woman, the old niang body is not possible then let you touch.