Women really refuse to your 4 large signal

guide language: a man want to pleasing a woman, in addition to pay feelings and money, still have to heart, moments of her & other; Expression password & throughout; And she never under the words. When a woman refuses to you, what are they look?

women really refuse to your 4 large signal

1. To refuse any contact

if she likes you, or have a favorable to you, when you want to intimate contact, she would never, even can conveniently be close to you. However, if you’re just being led her hands, kiss of her mouth, even so she said no, it means she disgust for you, have a chance of further.

2. Avoid eyes

sometimes two people together, and through the eye contact you will be able to know what his next step will be, if when you each other, the woman always escape your eyes, and did not dare to look at you, more can’t give you a hot taste, it is obvious that, while a woman is not no meaning for you, but if you want to and you have a special body contact, also sent a little!

3. Don’t be alone with you

with people alone is most can enhance feelings, met with objects, all want to have the chance to be alone. If women are willing to and you are alone, in addition to put aside her believe you very much, think you are a gentleman, perhaps she think if what happened with you, she also think it doesn’t matter! However, if she was afraid to be alone with you, then you probably don’t want!

4. Don’t accept your gift

when a man likes a woman, will buy small gifts for her heart at first, if a woman and you don’t mind further development, she will accept your gift; But if her gift to you, even to AA to dine with you, then you can want to hard work, she is temporarily didn’t feel for you.