Women mother’s day: life is like in the war

editor’s note: this is one of our readers to vote to factory worker mother everyday. Small make up for the first time, surprised and angry.

surprised to them from morning till night, and going back and forth across the home in the factory, in order to work, for the children, never leave time for yourself, always let a person feel the power.

the angry is that their husbands or even a month to back to once a week, just for work everyday, and also want to go to work but women do all the chores and children education.

the capital and the patriarchal oppression in article two women mother’s body is especially apparent.

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xiaowen is a factory worker, she is the mother of two children. Two children big 7 years old, small five years old, her husband go to work in another place, didn’t come back once a week.

so, take care of the children of all pressure in xiaowen.

xiaowen to arrive on time factory at 7:30 a.m local time every day, so every morning she got up at five, in addition to wash, she should put rice in the rice cooker, an appointment, also wash well cut, with, again to go to work.

before noon to go to work in the afternoon after work, when others are in a nap after lunch, she is going on back home, cook a meal cooking, hurried bite back again to go to work, no time to rest.

wait until 5 PM from work, she have to get home cooking, cooking, after dinner, give two children a bath, then let two children at home. And she want to catch up on back on the night shift.

basically when she came home the night shift at night, the children are already asleep.

from get up at 6 o ‘clock in the morning until 11 PM to sleep, her work from the factory workshop to home to care for children, for 17 hours.

she would like fighting every day of your life, there are no rest in her life.

small rong is another lady mother.

she has to do the production line of the captain, her husband also in other place to work, only go home once a month.

small rong has two children, in their hometown, small 8 years old, is also a person to take care of her.

she every morning before going out to have a meal, first wash to stir-fry dishes at noon to pick a good, good, around 7 to ride a bike to send children to school, should be arrived at the factory before go to work at half past seven.

by noon go home fry a dish for dinner and then back to work in a factory.

small rong is the most sad night, she is from work at five, to 6 to go to work, but her child from school at half past four, so she got out of the class you try to pick up the child home, then go home cooking.

although rice is to use rice cooker to make an appointment at noon, but she was often late for the work time. Then she put the bicycles for electric bicycles, to solve the problem of the late.

line under normal at 10 o ‘clock night shift at ordinary times, because she had to take home tutoring children homework, to give her a bath, so she have to work an hour early every day, but because she is the captain, don’t have to ask for leave.

she is the most sad work overtime the cargo, once work overtime to 11 PM, home tutoring kids do homework, take a shower.

small rong children from the age of five began to a person at home, at the start of the children, and fear, and she just and children video chat. But the child still cry very sad.

& other; I was just as great a love dearly, but can’t, have to coax her, tell her mother soon off work, then after a long time she also become accustomed to. Throughout the &; Small rong said helplessly.

the two mother stress every day is a lot of children to take on all of the norm of female workers.

in addition to work every day, they went back home to do household chores, take care of the children. May look at them, in the work you can’t imagine their poignancy. Because even if they rarely even sleep time every day, but at work very seriously.

always his immaculate xiaowen, serious and responsible work always, optimistic and sunshine.

small rong through their own efforts to do the captain from the line.

they never complain that their stories make me feel infinite power working women.

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