Wife what desire is easy to destroy the marriage?

most men are like to live a free and easy day not too many constraints, especially after marriage, will hope to be able to remain free throw socks and disorderly put dirty clothes of that kind of mood to relax, that kind of freedom.

wife what control is easy to destroy the marriage?

however, it was a man of this kind of random, often after marriage will become the wife of the first object of education, often have to accept the wife often mandatory rules of education.

to do so, a lot of men will lament yourself fall in love of time is too short, very regret why so early get married, will be helpless in are not fully enjoy the sweetness of love will have to accept & other; Ruled & throughout; The pain of happiness.

is the opposite of men’s casual, most of the love of a woman is more exquisite, in the process of love girl may need to be somewhat reserved, expressions of love also need to be reserved, especially can’t love so much as a wife. However, once become the hostess is a different story, most women after marriage will naturally produce control of the husband family desires, under the control of desire, incisively and vividly that many women after marriage can not only love, love the subtle, and can also use the name of love to the husband too lost temper.

of course, if the husband rein in excessive strict, or inappropriate way to express their love, the result often is counterproductive, serious even can affect the quality of marriage, serious even can destroy marriage.

coercion, is frequently a husband love do not love yourself. Women habitually ask husband love do not love themselves, even would like to listen to the husband said & other; I love you & throughout; As a natural tonic to eat. Of course, women like to hear a man say & other; I love you & throughout; There is nothing wrong, while men should also to the heart say some more & other; I love you & throughout; To his wife. , however, say the love is the need to the scene and the atmosphere, if had forced a husband like singing folk songs, there is no meaning, especially in the husband one day’s work, dragging a tired body back home, a hot meal didn’t eat a bite, a hot bath not washed, you have to let the husband with brilliant name & other; I love you & throughout; , perhaps, the husband will against one’s will, in order to cope with & other; I love you & throughout; Deep in my heart, but I’m sure he will in complaints, even said & other; I hate you very much & throughout; Or & other; You really dead tired me! Throughout the &;

as rein in two, the husband when his son. In the world of love, men and women are relatively equal and relatively free, however, some women are born to be wild, controlling for their husband strongly intervention, there are many sometimes pipe head tube feet to the husband like a son, the son of expectations to the husband, let the husband to afford. Want to know, man’s need is love, need is respect, need is a can let yourself go out hard work. Some women to watch live a husband after marriage as their top priority, hope the husband a successful career as a to all expectations, but she forgot the fact was the wife watch the tube dead man seldom winners will become a brilliant career, but she did not know that has existed since ancient times & other; Filial piety throughout & cannot be satisfactory to both sides; , if you want to let the husband accompany oneself, career will be affected.

3, will the husband as their private property. The wife love husband just like & other; Mouse love rice & throughout; Take it for granted, but conjugal love of husband and wife would show more love is exquisite, however, many women after marriage can produce emotion control of desire, the husband simple as their own private property, let the husband can’t afford. In fact, men and women get married does not mean that the two sides will lose freedom. On the contrary, men have always been eager to family can be our cause in the process, which can make you rest rest harbour, can there is a soft pillow in his tired, can be late at home have a lamp with light for yourself. Man’s nature, all the world is in conquer the world at the same time be able to create a better family happiness of life condition. Of marriage, a lot of women like riding men even intervene, make a man.

4, money, always think men are bad. Women had a special interest to Qian Tiansheng, see money as a dominant the main lubricant of marriage and family, also regard money as the man that major crime tool, therefore, the vast majority of the mother-in-law will impart stories, teach the girls how to control the economic power of the family. Women are most afraid of is a man with money, the racket in the outside, therefore, can hold the money to hold a man man of flower heart as no two magic weapon. In fact, this is just a simple woman’s fantasy, a man if you want a flower heart, actually does not just give money because my wife doesn’t simply kill. Men, reason is very simple, if you want to hide private savings is the easy things, if a woman does not know control technique, is simply an utter rough let husband’s pocket than face is clean, can only increase the man’s aversion and let the husband produce negative emotions.

5, love husband but I don’t like the man of the family. Woman because of love to marry a man, however, married women rarely do love me, love my dog, though, a woman under the blessing of both parents into the wedding hall, under the both sides of relatives witness, as husband and wife to let her do love the husband also can love his parents and brothers and sisters, in the love of his friends and relatives at the same time can not meddling in his personal interests is a very difficult task. Because men, however, are unlikely to get married with a wife and forgot he keeps his another woman, in the vast majority of man’s heart, and my mother was the only woman worthy of his love for a lifetime. Many women thought she had married a man, the man should all its own. Actually, that’s wrong things, like XiaoGuZi rivalry, or in-law war with her mother-in-law, tends to make men at a loss. & have spent

6, for the husband respect but not the husband. Women make another mistake after marriage is love in the home to do everything, think what how wear, while men tend to prefer silence, less willing to argue with his wife. Such a wife and a characteristic is to require all the husband must be subordinate to oneself, otherwise it will be seen as not to cause trouble, respect yourself, in this kind of woman’s man is absolutely can’t give good looks, and less likely to have the basic concept of mutual respect and should respect the husband. Man met such a woman only dark sigh their bad luck, met a strong wife. Many can, however, often at home, the wife of the don’t know, where there is oppression, there will be resistance, the resistance to an affair or mostly have extramarital sex partners as the main form of expression. Believe it or not!

7, anytime, anywhere to spy out the husband of privacy. Anyone want to be able to retain their right to privacy, even husband and wife, too, sometimes, one of the private may only hopes of their own hearts. Some women, however, after getting married, always feel insecure or severe lack of confidence, always in doubt the husband would carry his own do shady business deals, and may even wonder if the husband is mistresses and small three in the outside, so would like a spy and one thousand ways to spy on her husband’s privacy and secret inspections on mobile phone and mail, to the husband always peeping husband QQ chat logs, found clues can a little bit of doubt he wavered, not only let himself added a lot of trouble, also let the husband feel increasingly wife’s unreasonable, feel the family is more and more feel the lack of warmth.

eight, the husband as his anger. Some women in love shows is wen wan and tender and gentle, obedient to the boyfriend can be smiling. Get married for a long time, however, tired of two people stay together, attitude toward the husband also need not hiding anything, encounter not happy thing, large unit or what injustice, will get a husband as a punching bag, as his anger. Men on the job, as you know, the pressure will never smaller than women, most men will not take to his anger on home work not equal to idea, but a woman’s unashamedly tend to let the husband a revulsion, also is the main cause of the couple quarrel, there are many cheating men just don’t like wife was at home all day like a son to scold, always in the depths of the soul can find a gentle and obedient woman, find the feeling of the do men.

9, for domestic construction responsibility just men. Due to the living environment, the modern society, more and more women in the process of choosing marriage becomes more and more realistic, they hope to be able to find a & other; Rich second generation & throughout; Or & other; Officer the second generation & throughout; , can make oneself marry into clothing to hand, foot, food, living comfortable wealthy family. In fact, not every woman in his age to be able to meet the most beautiful and the most attractive so lucky, for the vast majority of dependence is strong and not economic independence of women, as the loss of youth and slowly and beauty faded, if there is no other can attract the charm of the husband, a man is likely to produce for you more and more fatigue. But, if the wife share the responsibility to build our small home, together with the husband of the woman will definitely is the husband for a lifetime of love.

10, lack of health knowledge to ignore a healthy diet. If you want to retain a man’s heart is to retain a man’s stomach. Not only men love beauty, also like food. However, not all food is can literally eat, in order to stay healthy, also is to have cultured. Now, however, there are more and more young couples are reluctant to cook cook in the home, not a takeout is literally eat outside, cooking oil, needless to say, for a moment whether diet health also can temporarily don’t speak, I’m home if you don’t open meals will not let the husband did not have the sense of belonging? Without the heart of the harbour? If let a man every day thinking about how to deal with three meals a day, sooner or later, the marriage is wrong, the most common is the man who met can give oneself the home feeling of woman, it is very easy to cheat, lane is bad to possibly men filed for divorce.

actually, in the emotional aspects, men sometimes than the average women more vulnerable, more need to considerate care, the more easy to feel hurt, especially by unreasonable are more likely to produce a strong wife & other; Marriage is love grave & throughout; Sad feelings, that is to say, don’t look at the man seem to be very strong in the outside, is strong, can unload the whole body armor came back home, just show the man all extremely weak, again the strong man is often outwitted the wife of a lifetime.