Wife pregnancy outside of marriage I want to divorce?

about this kind of thing really disappointing during Chinese New Year, but I don’t speak, this matter is pressure in my heart has been a long time, if you don’t spit it out, I worried that I will do crazy things.

wife pregnancy outside of marriage I want to divorce?

the cause of the thing is like this:

some time ago, the wife suddenly ask me very carefully for nearly two months time sex time and times, let me feel puzzled and very feel very surprised, but I don’t particularly care about or later on, a few days ago, she told me she was pregnant, but don’t see she has a special expression of joy, you know, we all have been married for almost 3 years, pregnancy should be her special happy things, however, looking at her face, it suddenly occurred to me that a while ago she asked me those words, my heart suddenly pulled up, doubts involuntarily welled up in my mind.

remember two months ago, the wife to menstruation is the day I went to help her buy sanitary napkin, the things we can’t be husband and wife, the last day of the period of her out of the poor, more than half a month after come back we are little don’t just married a few times, now its time for all. A person’s time, therefore, always feel the child is nine times out of ten is not mine, an inference from the time, the conception is more like her prior to the southern city on business at the time; Emotional inference from her worry, finally married for years to conceive children should be happy, why so worry and struggle? Three incoherent from her expression that recognize her obviously lying, say what before was not pregnant is she doesn’t want to early to have children, have been eating the pill, recently for a period of time, so naturally had, and I know, she had never taken any birth control pills.

after my advice, she hesitantly just asked me if I want to have children now? If temporarily don’t want, she can do. I want to, of course, have been married for almost 3 years, parents have been looking forward to we can give them a big fat child, so, no reason not to. Then, she said, the first time I don’t know she was pregnant, so, the cold resistance of hormone medicine also played intravenous drip of penicillin. Actually, such, although I do not know if she is pregnant, she should already know, she is afraid of children born to unhealthy, just want to look for excuses to abortion in the belly. So, from the evidence, she obviously guilty, timid around strangers children down is not mine, therefore, in seeking to the ostrich, it must be a ghost in my heart.

also blame me lips verging, this time, we both parents know her pregnancy, now, all of a sudden to abort the child again that it is absolutely impossible to do. After so much, of course, my in the mind very suspect had doubt that she is pregnant bastards, had heard she close association with unit a leadership, talk a lot, also see they eat alone together, and also seem to be very close. But, it’s no use crying over spilt milk., it seems that I also can not find to both sides parents can explain why reason to abort the child without authorization. Therefore, after some inner struggle and fierce ideological struggle, I still clearly shows that their attitude, I told her that the child must be born.

some time ago, the wife to follow the leadership to the south a open cities on a business trip, more than 10 days after I know always holding the attitude of trust with his wife, have never thought of obstructive. And come back after business trip, she said she was pregnant again, the world which have so smart? More annoyed me is that I have clearly told her to the child, but she still without my permission, in less than a week to take off the child. Think of it, if there is no idea that irresponsible man, how dare she do STH without authorization background? Is this a little suspicion of intentionally destroy the evidence?

in fact, really, I don’t want to help other people raising children, but also help to give me the cuckolded man raising children, but I have told their parents, don’t know how to justify. And want her to do paternity tests, the child is born, if I proved to be misplaced, child really is mine, I will, of course, raised the child carefully with all my heart, if the child does not mine, so, divorce is a must. However, the woman used his wisdom in the this place is really clever, with a start first for strong, let me dead men tell no tales, can only eat YaBaKui once again.

to be honest, most of our generation will no longer importune virgin complex, no longer requires women to leave for the first time to yourself, however, require a woman the first child to yourself is always a must? However, if the wife don’t even to yourself first, then, that the husband is too timid? What’s more, even if the social development to the people’s concept of marriage must be changed, but you can always change not to a woman is not destructive? After getting married women a bit don’t totally is hard to do things? Not all should strictly abide by the rules and the rules of marriage of husband and wife?

now, I am sure that the child is definitely not me, otherwise, she would not be so cruel to our children. Estimates she also calculated through fertility after learned that she was pregnant, but she didn’t grasp the child isn’t me, contradiction, hesitated, and they were afraid once born found that is not my will spread, so just like the adulterer, and then, the man put her destroy evidence.

she had the abortion to go home, I was really angry, gave her a slap in the face for the first time, and then, under the guise of her to do off the fact that children clearly told her that I’m from this marriage settle!