Wife car accident injuries to arrange girlfriends surrogate children for me

wife car accident injuries to arrange best friend gave me a surrogate children

net friend letter:

my wife and I are from the countryside, are presented at our local customs, must want to have children after getting married, a year or two. If delayed having children, will be the villagers joke, my parents will also lift head because of this, being looked down upon. Those who would say gossip, you see someone who marry to daughter-in-law is a hens don’t lay eggs.

at the time of the first years of marriage, because the job is busy, there is no child, my parents told me the matter to the second year, also said that must let my heart, never can be sloppy. Although the busy work every day, talk about business, but my wife and I are still in fixed time made movement, but there is no results, it makes me very worry, wife is in a hurry.

go to a hospital checking, the doctor said my wife, infertility is caused by the day after tomorrow, can be treated, so we contact is on the big hospital. At the end of a treatment on my way home, encountered a car accident, my wife and I the car out of control side under the bridge. I don’t hurt so heavy, the key is his wife, she hurt too badly.

his wife was sitting in the back, didn’t fasten your seat belt, therefore, when a rollover, she hurt the most. After a week in a coma at the hospital, to receive his wife paraplegics by bad news. His wife woke up, she knew she was paralyzed, cried for several days, crying eyes are dry. Hospitalized more than half a year, no cure, but back home.

returned home, his wife once mood out of control, many want to commit suicide, and even cut his wrists, have I found in time and stopped him. For the sake of taking care of his wife, I have to quit her job, his side in the home to do a part-time job online, anywhere at any time to take care of his wife. In order to prevent her suicide, suicide, I only have to do so.

a year later, with the help of me, his wife out of the haze, but because of the reason of the body paralysis, a husband and wife we had tried to live, more can’t have children. Regarding to this case, the wife to say sorry to me many times, also said she delayed me a lifetime of happiness. I had to comfort her, that’s ok, big deal not to have children, my wife and I cried.

his wife’s best friend came to our home for many times, also help me to take care of his wife, especially the weekend two days, her best friend will always help me cook wash clothes. Then one night, his wife said to me, & other; I think for a long time, I can’t give you gave birth to a child, however, best friend and I said, she can give you a surrogate birth a child & throughout; I strongly disagree.

the wife said, if I don’t agree, she divorce me directly, I don’t want to drag me. If I agree, she just recently arranged girlfriends, sex in the home, until girlfriends pregnant with the child. Heard his wife an idea, so I simply couldn’t believe my ears, too absurd. Now, I don’t know how to choose!

3, learn to do housework, do you manage your life. Life don’t rely on anyone, including your husband. You should learn to do the most basic household chores, do good you and your husband and your child’s life, try to be a wife mother’s responsibility. Not everything depends on the mother-in-law and your husband, learn at least independent, because lazy people snot.

4, find a job, let oneself economic independence. Want to get the respect of others, you should learn to be independent, but the personality independence you should learn to make their own economic independence, let oneself have ability to feed itself. In this way, you spend their own money to feel at ease, you go out to work at the same time also can reduce the time and her mother-in-law, so also can keep the distance between the old woman daughter-in-law. Also only then the mother-in-law does not wear colored glasses to beware of the property you go home, don’t scold you lazy.

5, manage emotions, don’t quarrel with your mother-in-law. You quarrel with her mother-in-law, the most difficult is your husband. At the same time, you also fall in filial piety her old man’s house to scold, more is not worth ah. So, what problems or difficult, you the hands of the husband, why fight with her old man’s house? Smooth life, is to own a kind of protection.

6, keep your distance, and your lives apart from her mother-in-law. Since not to live together, why don’t you and your husband to consider and lives apart from her in-laws, even rent. Distance between old woman daughter-in-law, can reduce a lot of contradictions. In war, old woman daughter-in-law whether you win or lose is all the losers, only a win-win situation, is the biggest winner.