Why your husband always forget old love?

former girlfriend is always a man’s heart, a lot of times a man will have a girlfriend and his former girlfriend try, said after break up or friends, actually this is only a pretence, wants to continue to be involved constantly he will carry you call predecessor, send messages, network chat and continue to be caring and attentive, even compare you with her all kinds. Men if you forget the former have will have the following performance:

Ta marriage always forget old love

1, their social network chat

he said that is no longer in love with his predecessor? Social networking can reveal his inner most! If he still likes to visit his former girlfriend social networks, and frequent message, shows that he is not cut and former string.

2, he compare you and former

if he often compare you and former girlfriend, be careful! This is proof that he also never forget the former. He should focus on the present girlfriend, not miss the past.

3, he constantly recall with former moment

he still indulge in the memories of the past? Always mention with former moment? This can prove that he is not ready to role transformation, want to and you establish a memorable moment.

4, often insult former girlfriend

this is really out of hate? The truth is not necessarily so. Women often think that means he disdain for the former, but from the psychological point of view, it shows that still not solve the problem between them, and the outstanding issues, will be brought to his next relationship.

the first, is not always the best.

the weakness of human nature that can’t get people and objects are always the best, with people and objects are always don’t know to cherish, value and regret only when lost. So, your boyfriend will feel like as before but can’t together of the girl together, is a happy thing, because no burden and responsibility, the man was very happy to do.

the second, you is not enough to let him forget the former.

as you said, you are too care about him, even have some unreasonable vinegar, in virtually give him pressure and trouble, who is willing to be bound by people and accused? Comparison, natural he would feel ease together with her, so he doesn’t want to cut off with her. He enjoyed the feeling, someone love, can and love the people meet each other again, what is there against it?

third, let the man touched not love.

in the emotional world of men and women, a woman take the initiative to pursue their favorite man there is nothing wrong, but objectively speaking, although the success rate is higher, but often missing in the heart in man’s conquer attack process, they often don’t walk the heart, or just for moving accepted, or just to satisfy your body needs, the woman will not be his favorite.

4, men than women more narcissistic.

a man always fantasy ever better than with him or his love of woman, years later, they may still remember him, or his good, or he will not leave happy and so on. They love to the savior or hero to save the beautiful image of a strong man appeared in front of his former girlfriend, would show their rancor, benevolent, and let his predecessors regret missed or left so good he.

5, just don’t want to forget the time.

the reason why some men will also keep in touch with his former girlfriend, may have nothing to do with feelings, they just don’t want to deny that to spend time with her, because all the memories are related to their growth process, each experience has its own each experience of harvest and regret, in addition to the love between men and women have other emotions in sustained, such as friendship and affection of ingredients in it.