Why women are jealous

guide language: many families men usually disrelish oneself of the wife tube too strict, and even unknown woman say a few words will be angry, will lose his temper, this is the typical jealous, men know their girls care about themselves, men often will be very tired after a long time, so what are the cause of women jealous?

why women are inherently jealous

1. Lack of confidence

a thought ugly and boring woman, would probably think about not liking yourself. And her partner is absolutely loyal, is sceptical.

in the marital relationship, the appropriate jealous attention to attract each other, also can facilitate communication between the two sides, there is no big deal. However, when the jealous overturned and jealousy, be vigilant. When couples appear the symptom such as insomnia, be agitated, may affect the relationship and hurt a marriage.

2. The nature of the woman

women, naturally has a dependent psychology, and the psychology is very strong. This is doomed woman for man’s watch is meticulous. Love a person is to fall for him very much, sometimes wish to himself tied to a man’s body. A woman’s mind’s eye small, so the woman way to express love for their loved ones is also somewhat reserved. So will jealousy hit a little a bit of trouble.

3. Strong possessiveness

women envy have strong exclusiveness, performance in marriage, is to want to have absolute exclusive rights to their man, and become the husband and the only desire objects of interest.

4. Lack of security

women are afraid because gooseberry and cause she no longer loved. In fact, in many cases, a third party does not exist, just worry too much about the cause of jealousy daihatsu, anxiety and fear.

5. The day after tomorrow factor affecting

women are not born to be jealous. If was born in a harmonious family environment, a woman is not easy to generate distrust. But if the parents divorce because of infidelity, it increases the possibility of children in the future become paranoid. Love experience will affect the size of the jealousy: betrayed, former boyfriend is too handsome to peach blossom continuously, etc., also make women onto the road of jealousy.