Why most of the affair, don’t have good results?

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why most extramarital affairs, will not have good results?

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last week, a man named silent readers to give me a message in the background, said he was three years ago at a party met a man, two special calls, although is married, but ultimately failed to control myself, cross it, become the lover’s relationship.

in the beginning, than to fall in love with my husband quietly said yourself also crazy, feel met with true love, very anxious to break the bondage of all, with the man.

but the man never thought of divorce, said the child is small, don’t have the heart to hurt, encourage discussion quietly.

quietly would not have spoken later about this topic, three years, also dismissed the idea of divorce, she feels now state is also quite good, have a stable family, and a sweet & other outside; True love & throughout; .

can last month, the lover to find her, quietly to broken relationship with her. Man said his wife worked so hard for the whole family busy this busy that every day, if they were his wife finds out, it would be fatal harm to her, so good wife, he didn’t want to hurt her, taking the advantage of this affair undetected, their return home, don’t wait when unable to pick up the pieces.

don’t agree to break up, quietly to each other all her contact information to blocked, refuse to not give her to wear a little mind.

quietly sad, ask me how to restore the lover’s heart?

I said, don’t mind to make it, there is a saying out must break your heart, but I also want to say, he was playing, serious is you. Not just like this, who all don’t know what you’re cheating, hurriedly back with your husband to live well, don’t again, hu affair mostly there is no good results, in the end, is a to ashes.

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why do I say that?

I saw a pair of entangled five years of extramarital love, two people cling to that call a the sky were to fall, the child cry, old man, the other half repeatedly attempt suicide, let nobody stand in their & other; Love & throughout; .

later, two people both divorce finally together, be well, jack shall have Jill?

wrong, two people live together, but life in less than six months apart, said luckily didn’t pull a marriage certificate, or divorce again much trouble. Not only that, the two men also said to each other all sorts of bad everywhere, regret for him (her) with original divorced.

accident? Everyone is very curious, why two people love dying live, at the expense of so much divorced, unexpectedly to foes in a twinkling of an eye?

accused the other of two people the most is the financial problems, namely the crisis of confidence, in fact, the most difficult, between two people’s heart.

they moved to live together, because with their children, have the selfishness, who also don’t know each other how many furniture, income also don’t know each other, who spent more money for your home feel not worthwhile, even the most basic trust all have no, a little initially favor the points completely disappeared, and, finally, a beat two scattered.

yes, life which have so many unique romance poem hop, more, is a daily necessities sauce vinegar tea.

at the beginning and vigorous feelings, in the face of these cats and dogs, the passion fades quickly, with only a GuaZiPi, straight regret at the beginning the brain into the water, and who live is so, why bother on a business for so many years of efforts to life.