Why do men hate you mention the old love before him?

& other; Tingting and up to now, I have contacts for more than a year, she still often mention her ex-boyfriend, compare me with him from time to time. If I do better than him, she will praise me, If I like him to do some bad things, she not only angry with me, will be angry with her former boyfriend. I think there are three people in our relationship. I wish she catch blocks will thoroughly forget her former boyfriend, otherwise I would go crazy. Throughout the &;

why men hate you mention the old love before him?

you have to face the fact & ndash; & ndash; Your partner don’t want to hear you mention your previous man. When you talk about this topic, he is likely to endure in silence, even may behave very curious, but he was sick.

I think you can understand he doesn’t like to listen to you talk about the advantages of the former boyfriend, said that if only the former boyfriend defects and wrong? The criticism of former boyfriend will make him feel better? The answer is: no.

he will take you to a man’s taste is very poor

when you talk about your partner’s faults in the past, your current partner will subconsciously want to: & other; That guy sounds is a bastard! She is particularly interested to such a man? In her eyes, I also is this type? Is I am a bastard, just I don’t know? Throughout the &;

he saw your anger and want revenge

guess I can be your next goal

when you make to your former boyfriend or husband has criticized, you may find that you are the man has no feeling, can let your current partner. His face, however, is that kind of irritability, can’t you forgive others’ personality, it will make a man afraid. Must remember that the man is very sensitive to criticism. When you find that man you are a picky woman, even if you are against other men, he also can’t help but think: she loved men are so, for I will not like this? Maybe I should not believe her love.

as one man said: & other; Every time I hear her curse her ex-husband, nervous, and even feel rough for the man, I know her anger is a good reason, but I am really worried that one day she would do this to me. Throughout the &;

he will performance is too weak for you, willing to endure mistreatment and angry

& other; My girlfriend was stupid home, let her husband treated her like that! Throughout the &; A man said when it comes to this topic. When you take your former partner rejected as a beast, your current partner but not think: what do you really is a what kind of person, incredibly can live with beast so long?

why women would do such a thing

1, always can’t forget the previous relationship, and the current partner feel trust and security for women, willing to talk to him rough

managed to overcome their grievances and anger, and is a very important thing, but to the best person to help you get rid of this kind of emotional distress is not your partner.

women are most likely to make such mistakes, especially have a good than before now, partners are also more love you, you will unfortunately give vent to the past. Love makes you feel comfortable now willing to open up, to vent out all your old pain. In so doing you may be more comfortable, but may bore your current partner.

2. Women with the criticism of the former lover, don’t like they treat their current partner

& other; My former boyfriend, besides my birthday never buy gift for me, he don’t romantic! Throughout the &; Before a woman complain about her new boyfriend lover, actually she wanted to express the real meaning is: remember to buy gift for my future!

women often use this kind of an indirect way to communicate with your partner, and not open their needs.


1, if you treat the former lover with refractory condition, should consult a marriage counselor or psychiatrist, as soon as possible to help you heal the heart

this is not to say that you can’t leave this kind of problems with your current partner discussion, but do not regard him as your emotional garbage dump trash cans.

remember: as long as you still feel anger than for the former partner, you of the past that relationship still did not forget. If you get rid of the negative emotions, your partner will respect you, and will trust you more than before.

2, sincerely to discuss with your partner, say what you expect or requirements for this relationship now

don’t rely on suggested, innuendo, and concealment type of communication to express your needs, to try to communicate openly and also ask him what are the requirements and expectations. (article number from the wind: the stars emotion)