Why difficult to have true friendship between men and women? There are four deep level reasons!

is there real friendship between men and women? This is a very old and more controversial topic, I am often asked all the time. Here, I think that it is easy to talk about my opinions.

why difficult there is friendship between men and women

there is no doubt that there are real friendship between men and women. Is only, this relationship tend to be more vulnerable, at the same time, in the eyes of the secular, also can appear some & other; Special & throughout; Just.

its weak reason, mainly reflects in:

one of, true friendship, often is the heart and heart communication, need to have a certain number of independent illicit close sex. But the friendship between men and women, are often difficult to grasp the scale.

this scale, on the one hand, because of the parties often lacks bottom spirit, on the other hand also has the outside world public opinion and pressured by the related personnel.

and these two effects, is not only the objective, also is a subjective subconsciousness. It would be like, we don’t want to do something, but always someone remind us & other; Don’t do STH. & throughout; , then we’ll keep telling myself in silence, must be careful, be careful, after a long time, our minds will be polluted by such warning, even will not consciously go toward that aspect to think about it, until the tie really did that thing.

why difficult there is friendship between men and women

second, in fact, one of the world, the most unstable, difficult to grasp the most is the heart.

so, never use & other; Forever & throughout; To define any kind of interpersonal relationship. Is not only the friendship between men and women, any other relationship.

third, most of the friendship between men and women, are often limited to a certain stage of life.

decided to these stages, in addition to the person’s own emotional and psychological factors, there is love, marriage, maternity and child.

if for such a relationship, can’t put freely, or cannot comply with the rules of the development of things or Suggestions for the don’t start!

4, any kind of relationship, cannot be truly pure single.

why difficult there is friendship between men and women

love always have affection and friendship, good friendship may also have to love, love also can have the best friendship. Is the same between friendship and love, they often can be transformed each other, is not only between men and women, actually friendship between gay also very love. Such as: good gay friend, brother, best friend, we are often unable to emotional colour to distinguish whether it is love or friendship, it would not have been so artificially imposed on gender distinction.

however, there is some real friendship between men and women are. Just based on the above four kinds of reason, the friendship between men and women to men and women both parties tend to have higher requirements, and there’s sort of period of time. Such relationships, tend to cause social public opinion more attention, with the people around me always cooked on the fire and the sun to be basked in the following, the term of quality is always hard to avoid much affected by the point or challenge. (articles from the wind: the sky always blue)