Who is li xiaolu infidelity crisis meet people like this?

li xiaolu & other; Overnight at door & throughout; Events, I’m afraid the hit is the smile, the woman.she smile heartless guy, two days ago has made such a statement.

many netizens have also said love is sweet, father. Then smile took off his own & other; Brothers & throughout; PG One, why speak for themselves. And sweet xin’s mother, li xiaolu, but also be proved a netizen said: a good hand played powder.

a few days ago I saw li xiaolu to participate in the online issue of the poking fun at the conference, found that li xiaolu was with a sense of humour.

7 guests present one by one to go poking fun at her acting career high low, performance is poor, temper big, hype daughter, net blush for a change, and so on by netizens criticized the & other; Black spots & throughout; , although in the tone of a joke to say, but every word the heart, she won’t have to side cheerfully listen, noodles don’t change color the heart not jump, side also is a warrior.

she said she like beauty, like the pursuit of life they want without fault. Yes, each to his own, she is clearly not interested in acting as a performance artist, she didn’t mean to hone their acting skills, just want to earn the most direct way to let oneself to live good money, and a star family obviously stronger than a star couple footnote.

when a family into a camp, is a time when the family is the most stable.

but who have unexpectedly, in 2017 the last entertainment drama actually occurs in the star family, on Dec. 31, li xiaolu media photographed with friends hip hop artist PG ONE intimate held back to his home, it was not until the next day to leave.

believes that many people and I am, not only by li xiaolu likely to cheat the bloody fact hit meng, another of the unknown:

this PG ONE is who?

in the entertainment industry has always been a jiangshan generation has a talent, but the 23-year-old blended hip-hop circle boy has just jumped out, and true.

PG Wang Hao ONE original name, was born in 1994, Harbin in heilongjiang province, is a hip-hop group, of the members of 2017 China had hip hop show the national finals champion, have launched personal hip-hop rap song “PentaKill”.

PG is said to be ONE and smile the relationship is very good, privately had traveled together, play games, even a little sweet, also is his fans.

video exposure, netizen opinions vary, events in the tripartite hurriedly to respond.

first 31 noon, PG ONE tweeting clarification: I put li xiaolu when the sister-in-law.

followed by five o ‘clock in the afternoon, smile to respond in weibo, said fully trust friend and his wife, & other; I understand the life of human, also trust all of my friends, I believe that everything is fine! Throughout the &;

finally respond is li xiaolu, she explains things pass by, and made a self-examination, & other; Thank you for trust. To see a lot of comments, I also reflect on yourself, and after any heterosexual contacts will strictly keep distance. Throughout the &; DetailPic

in the end, when all the friends present su did prove that followed.

of course, do not deny that, everything could be the result of the crisis public relations, but the household chores, is beyond the scope of the public discussion, home close the door slowly to solve, also is a kind of public spirit and culture. & other; Marriage is like a fortified castle, no matter how unbearable, inside the outside is the enemy. Throughout the &;

huang yi’s ex-husband Huang Yiqing said smile silly in weibo q&a, may according to his habit, must be in very dark is really the yes, actually he is a simpleton, that is totally play personality, hate oneself is not on the big screen, in my life have to experience in life dirty play performances, entertainment everyone free of charge, if someone clap, he was stronger.

& other; The men say a woman is inferior. Throughout the &; this is yi shu, but not all men can do.

includes the events of another hero, PG ONE, also failed to live up to a couple of really & other; The elder brother sister-in-law & throughout; The trust.

is that after what happened, he responded, not to admit that you have affair with li xiaolu. But his reply, vague, skirt around him, u cant say a lot of, a practical help elution li xiaolu suspected cheating word all have no.

vague to elaborate on big is not a problem, it is a kind of guilty.

this response is the worst in response to an answer out of more problems, and countless imagination instead. As he puts it, if he really take li xiaolu and smile as a couple friends, predecessors, older siblings, he would be very sorry that cause trouble to the other side, suspected of trying to clear the other & ndash; & ndash; If there really is affair, more so, when a man can make women as cannon fodder?

he didn’t do it, let me believe, isn’t he can’t do this, but he was reluctant to do so.

new leap up is red need is not only the strength, there is a sudden event or opportunity, and li xiaolu pulled out of the affair, he get more concerns and selling point, he later, would be more than a label, & other; Li xiaolu overnight object & throughout; .

is such a strong desire to become red and persistent desire to last out, many couples do treasure, wish archers to sell soul to the devil, and some have even taken personally informed reporters his gossip, and fact, like this show to betray his friend and sister-in-law, probably isn’t too difficult.

li xiaolu exactly have to cheat, it’s difficult to say, but I can sure is that friend like PG ONE (or lover), can no longer pay. null