What are you living for?

Life is meaningless, but – each of us must establish a meaning for ourselves!

I have had several lectures, at Peking University and Tsinghua University, at military camps and prisons, in classrooms built in rural adobe, and at the most luxurious private schools in the United States …

In the face of people of all colors, from medical doctors to children in New York’s slums, I would bluntly talk about the idea of ​​the problem.

One of my memories is unforgettable.

It was a very prestigious university and asked me several times about it, saying the students were looking forward to discussing with me.

I have been pushing, I do not like to speak from the bones. Every promise of such a tolerance, it is inexplicable tension for several days.

However, the school is very persistent. At the Nth invitation, said that the students’ thinking in the school is even more active than that of Peking University. It raises extremely sharp questions for the speakers and often leads to frustration. Sometimes the speaker is simply gray Yo left the school.

Listening to them this way, my curiosity is motivated, and I say I am willing to accept the challenge.

So, we agreed on a date.

That day, the university auditorium packed full of people as I walked through the crowd to the podium, my heart filled with weird feeling, seems to be during the “Cultural Revolution” criticism meeting place, do not know what kind of scene will appear today .

Sure enough, from the very beginning of my speech, I kept sending me the slips of notes, and in a moment I accumulated a thick pile of leaves at my fingertips, as if autumn leaves swept by cleaners.

As I lectured, I was full of speculation and did not know what kind of “thinking bomb” lurked in the leaves.

Speaking to the end of the story and entering the stage of answering the question, I can not wait to open the pile of notes, reading one by one.

That moment, the audience becomes dead, huge auditorium, if nothing.

I read the note saying, Some praise me, I will not read it.

In addition, the most raised question on the note is – What is the point of life? Please be sure to tell the truth, because we have heard too many unreasonable lies.

After I finished reading this note, the audience burst into applause.

I said you raised the question today very well, I will tell the truth. I am on the snow-capped mountains of Ali in Tibet, facing the vast sky and the standing glaciers, as a primordial man with a grunt, repeatedly thinking about it.

I believe that when he was young, he would inquire yourself numerous times – what is the meaning of my life?

I thought countless nights and days and finally got an answer. Today, here, I will be very responsible to say to everyone, I think the result is: life is meaningless!

Finished this sentence, the audience appeared a brief silence, as the wilderness. However, a stormy round of applause ensued.

That was the warmest applause I had in my speech.

In the past, I never believed that there was such a thing as “stormy” applause and I thought it was a clumsy analogy. But this time, I believe it.

I quickly made a “suspended” hand gesture, but applause or a number of stretches of time.

I said, “Do not be busy giving me an applause and I have not finished my sentence yet, and I said that life is pointless, that’s good, but – each of us should establish a meaning for ourselves!”

“Yes, the discussion of the meaning of life is all around us, and many say that familiarity and repetition have allowed us to slip from being blind to being boring, but this is not the true nature of the problem.

The truth is that what others impose on you, no matter how correct, is that it will always be outside the body if it does not enter into your mental structure.

For example, we have been infused by parents since childhood, the meaning of life’s answer. In the long years since then, the admonished teachers and all kinds of education constantly renewed the wholesome version of their meaning to us.

However, how many people use this external framework as their own internal benchmark and set a lifelong determination for their struggle? ”

After that day’s conclusion, I heard some of my classmates say that he felt the greatest achievement was hearing a living middle age man personally say that life is meaningless and that you should establish a meaning for it.

In fact, not only are the young people in China erratic on the issue of their goal, they are also at Harvard University, a famous university in the United States. Many people can not establish their own goals in their youth.

I saw a material that when a Harvard graduate came out of school in a certain year, the school conducted a survey on their goals in life. As a result, 27% of them did not have a goal at all; Sixty people have ambiguous goals; 10% have short-term goals; and only 3% have clear and long-term goals.

Twenty-five years have passed, and three percent of them tirelessly worked hard toward one goal and become the elite of society. The rest, however, achieved much more difference in their accomplishments.

The reason why I mentioned this example is to illustrate that in the establishment of the goal of life, both Chinese and foreign youths have suffered a considerable degree of obscurity or chaos.

Someone would say, yes, so what? I can slowly grow while looking for their own meaning of life ah.

I also meet many young friends on weekdays and tell me about their misery.

After I listened patiently to the troubles that afflicted them, I left their eyes on begging for help. I would ask, “What is your goal in life?”

They are usually surprised, as if they doubt I understand their sorrows, or even exasperate why I turn a blind eye to specific problems, and interrogate them for such nonsense.

What is more, I thought I simply did not have the heart to listen to them to talk, he casually found a topic to stall.

I will greet their doubts, said: “Please answer my question, why do you live?

Young people are generally annoyed to say: “This is a big problem and I’m not at all connected with what I’m facing now.”

I would say: “You are wrong.” Everything in the world is related. Some people often think that the psychological things are only related to a single external stimulus. They actually talk about things in fact, and in fact they have close contact with the great goals of life. In fact, all the big goals of life appeared confused and offset. ”