Wash the curtains

How to wash the curtains

The correct cleaning curtains can be divided into four steps.

1, remove the curtains need to wash part.

Before removing the curtains should first carefully remove the curtain surface dust with a feather duster and a vacuum cleaner. In the demolition process to use professional tools, encountered difficult to dismantle the trouble, the different brute force to use, or some curtains, cards and other small parts easily fall.

2, curtain soak tips.

Curtain soaking should be based on the material itself, the choice of specific detergent, the general proposal to use neutral detergent immersion curtains, acidic or alkaline liquids will have excessive damage to the internal fiber curtain material. According to curtain material very different soaking time is generally 15 minutes to 60 minutes, for example, made of linen curtains because of their thick, usually in the washing have to soak for more than 1 hour. There is a little trick here, soaked in warm water soaked, can greatly shorten the curtain soaking time and curtain washing more convenient and quick.

3, curtain washing attention.

With velvet, silk fabrics and some high-grade fiber fabrics are not suitable for automatic washing machine washing, if the type of fabric curtains recommended the best hand wash or to a dedicated laundry dry cleaning can be. Finer fibers of this type of fabric, if the use of excessive mechanical washing methods easily lead to fiber breakage.

4, curtains drying.

Clothing fabrics are directly exposed to direct sunlight in the wash after the paint is very prone to bleaching, people in daily life when many people drying clothes are negative drying clothes. Curtain fabric and clothes washing the same if prolonged exposure to the sun is also very prone to bleaching, it is recommended to choose a ventilated shade for drying, the curtains to dry.

How to wash holes curtains

Punch curtains using high-tech aluminum evaporation method to produce a thermal insulation effect of the film, the use of proprietary technology into extremely subtle filaments, and the selection of high-quality polyester fiber, high-end through the preparation of technology, weaving A series of thermal insulation curtains, anti-UV curtain series, one-way perspective curtain series, shape memory curtain series and other products.

Punched curtains should not be machine wash when washing, to be cold hand wash; first soak 10-15 minutes, gently washing; curtains should be used to clean the detergent, color curtains do not use bleach detergents, do not use concentrated laundry detergent, bleach Damage to the fabric of large cleaning agents; should not scratch the curtain with sharp things.

Fabric curtains cleaning and maintenance: fabric curtains can be machine wash, screens need to be placed in the laundry bag, to avoid being hooked by other clothing; soak for 10-15 minutes, select the soft button washing. Curtain cleaning application of flexible detergents, color curtains do not use bleach detergents, do not use concentrated laundry detergent, bleach and other agents on the fabric of a large injury; should not scratch the curtain with sharp things.

How to wash Roman pole curtains

Roman pole curtain cleaning steps:

1, first with a vacuum cleaner, remove the curtain dust.

2, the back of the rope untied, and pay attention to the curtain washing scrub or dry cleaning, if it is recommended for dry cleaning dry cleaning.

3, the curtains on the lower rail and the next under the rail removed.

4, with a neutral detergent soak about 5-10 minutes, gently scrub with your hands. And clean.

5, the curtain back to the outside dry, do not put in direct sunlight, avoid curtains fade.

6, to be dried curtains to 80-120 degrees Celsius ironing ironing.

7, the front of the blinds and the track after the front adhesive, and then to the back of the rope tied to the fine rail and the next track to wear a good trial whether the normal smooth rise and fall, such as testing no problem.

How long to wash the curtain once

Curtain how often to wash it more appropriate? Generally twice a year.

1, the curtains should be won every six months to clean. Do not use bleach cleaning, try not to dehydration and drying, to be dry naturally, so as not to damage the curtain itself texture. It is best to read the label instructions on the curtains before cleaning the curtains.

2, cleaning different curtains require different methods. Ordinary fabric curtains can be used to scrub with a damp cloth, but easy to shrink the fabric should be dry-cleaning; canvas or linen made of curtains is best to use sponge dipped in warm water or soap solution to be dried to be rolled up; velvet curtain should be cleaned Soak the curtains in a neutral detergent, light pressure by hand, washed on a ramp shelf, the water automatically drip dry, it will make the curtains clean as new.