Wang zhen, women usually have three features?

said people often used, behind a successful man, must have a silent dedication of woman. But behind a successful woman, may can’t find the man. Society has been used by women to men share of culture, so, just had & other Wenger’s & throughout; This interesting words.

general career more men, can walk passion flower, but to decide the fate of their marital problems, insisted on flourishing, the first! There is nothing a man can tolerate his wife looks g, even if she grow up fairy sample also not line. This is the wang zhaojun was far away the cause of the frontier from court, because for her portrait painters, ordered the wound, tears mole.

prosperous phase, women usually have three common standard

the legend, a group of soldiers stormed a castle. Spared all the women, and allow them as she thinks the most important thing in life, all the women are carrying her husband out of the city. This is a woman! They were born to love, to a man, if born again & other; Wenger’s & throughout; Happier, than yourself.

mong is a trait, wenger’s women because of such characteristics and extraordinarily brave and wise, that they have the courage to give & other bets in life; Trough man & throughout; Marry: chong yuet Ming (opposed to li, he is still a poor poor boy; Obama and michelle years ago valued this potential shares, although he was just a little internship in a law firm.

this prosperous, female, will be a lifetime influence on man, no matter their eyebrow eye height, girth length.

lucky face is not hard to explain things, husband and wife together, the so-called prosperous husband, is to support each other, but showed a little more in a man. People used to say, is a woman. Key, is two people’s character and ability, can promote each other. Women will be more careful than men in many ways, can give men do remind, complement, even remedy, etc to help, this is the essence of a woman can flourish,.

wang zhen, one of the standard: considerate, warm and peaceful

a man in the absence of pressure, it is easier to inspire the imagination and creativity, a woman to his strong backing can be at ease, rest assured, no trouble back at home he can wander, galloping in the cause of the battlefield, such men are more likely to succeed.

to be considerate, kind, it is thought that the question, to do things, can the perspective-taking, get to know each other and demand situation, the emphasis is on the transformation of thinking mode, can no longer self-centered. So Mrs Obama in assisting the Obama campaign, although appearance is not outstanding, but in a reasonable manner, one nation fight card, this is considerate woman brings good luck.

to know man not & other Tube & throughout; Come out, is & other; Put & throughout; Come out. For the average woman, the most important thing is to maintain family stability. Few women, can keep stable and the relationship between the two individuals at the same time, also can inspire a man’s internal potential. If a man is married for years, has been active, free action, even if there is something in the outside stay didn’t inform her, wouldn’t be proud in the home, wife’s atmosphere is an important premise.

mong, standard # 2: tolerance atmosphere, heart wide than the sky

if women enough atmosphere, sincere; Do men will cherish the wife to give their best respect and recognition, simply, tangible and walk river’s lake, would not be a face to face, behind a set, what play trick. Heart wide than the sky and a layer of meaning is: can a man, the in the mind of him mediocrity, frustrated and down and out. But still give him confidence, dignity and support, this & other Feel appreciated & throughout; Obviously translate into great struggle and struggle of power. Sentimental, XinXiRuFa woman once in life, may be a grind. Many men will be unable to stand, so, this also is many stud, even if again flower heart also not separation and his wife at the core of the key. They loathe to give up her & other; Simple & throughout; .

this does require some talent, women from the natural physical and mental perspective, is relatively easy to narrow-minded, so naturally otimista, hard to learn is to learn not to. Atmosphere of woman, not only eyes of woman, but full of confidence, in the end I believe I can make a man cannot leave yourself, don’t go to suspicion. If you are not a natural otimista people, so many things are just leave as far as possible, ask less, don’t know will reduce a lot of trouble.

mong, standard three: money or fame, happiness consists in contentment,

because his indifferent to fame and wealth, happiness consists in contentment, the face of challenges and temptations in life, she would not easily cynical, see, your arms will not push for troubled lover of Trinidad, & other Rain & throughout; . Such women can truly become a men’s & other; Mentor & throughout; , led the whole family survive, moves towards magnificently. But men have such a good woman must remember: no matter how, can’t let her down. Because she is not afraid of suffering and hardship, also see light the riches and honour and glory, only to the man’s disappointment, will she knocked down, so the men to keep in the home the prosperous husband wife, will also have to know the return, to love her.

many women choose men at first time, is easy to see each other’s & other; Cash & throughout; . But life is a marathon, the material will change due to many factors, not charming not greedy woman is actually see through the layers of mystery, they are not greedy, and more able to concentrate on to choose the essence of man. So, this combination when combined, the husband has the heart of the struggle, a good wife uncomplainingly, long-term appreciation is inevitable. This popular, is the key to many politicians fly up. At the mall, and men may own struggle, in politics, not the wife of a man, it is difficult to a promotion.