Two children age, more than half of all men accept children mother’s surname

54.7% respondents could accept children mother’s surname

around 37.8% of respondents said there are many couples of conflict for children who’s surname

54.7% 23.2% respondents can accept children mother’s surname not accept

two child age, a child who name is divided in some families. Some people think children to their father’s surname is traditional, also some people think children mother’s surname also have not cannot. To this, what do you think?

recently, China youth newspaper social survey center joint questionnaire nets, according to a survey of 2032 respondents, 47.5% of the respondents think that children should be with his father’s surname. 54.7% of respondents can accept children mother’s surname, 23.2% of respondents said can’t accept this.

respondents male 48.5%, female 51.5%. 78.0% of respondents with children, 22.0% did not.

in the survey, 55.4% of respondents believe that their kids who’s surname is a very important question, 16.5% of respondents think doesn’t matter, 28.1% of the respondents said. Cross analysis shows that 65.2% of male respondents think children is what is important, is significantly higher than the proportion of female respondents (46.2%).

if a child lives in sichuan Yu Jian think who’s surname is not very important, & other; What’s name is a symbol, the child will not affect the blood relationship between us & throughout; .

Tan Bin from chongqing (a pseudonym) is that the child’s name is important. & other; One thousand to child is father’s surname, it is a traditional & throughout; .

to accept children mother’s surname, 54.7% of respondents said that 23.2% of respondents said that they could not, 22.1% of respondents said the bad. Further analysis of the cross found that 46.1% of male respondents can accept, lower than the proportion of female respondents (62.8%).

although Tan Bin think children to their father’s surname is traditional, but he also can accept children mother’s surname. & other; And who name is the same, it is mom and dad children & throughout; .

Li Hui (a pseudonym) is a full-time mother, she felt that children who’s surname. & other; The child will now ask me & lsquo; Why doesn’t my name is liu, Mr. Lee is? & rsquo; Could he play with my brother’s children since the childhood, just curious why you brother and sister’s name is different. If I regeneration a child, whether boy or girl, will let the child with my family name. Throughout the &; Li Hui said that her husband would not mind, & other; We see these things more light & throughout; .

Yu Jian listen to a friend about a divorce for children last name couple. & other; I don’t quite understand why they can’t take a step back. I guess the man could be affected by their parents or other people’s stress, fear of others said he inserted down the door, so stick to children to name with her, I think this is understandable. But it was really hard to women of gestation, requiring children as his surname is also reasonable. Two people should have a good discuss, understand each other throughout the &; .

this survey shows that 37.8% of respondents to confirm side there are many couples of conflict for children who’s surname, 19.3% of respondents think this kind of situation is less, around 6.4% of respondents identified themselves have no this kind of situation, and 36.5% of those surveyed said not clear.

& other; My parents will certainly require children with my name, because they think it important to breed. Throughout the &; But Yu Jian feel children who’s surname are the same, & other; The child is father of the same flesh and blood, also is the mother of the same flesh and blood, so who’s surname are reasonable & throughout; .

for the child’s surname, 47.5% of respondents think should with his father’s name, it is a traditional; 33.9% of respondents believed to have two children, respectively, with her parents last name; 24.0% of respondents said they should be with the mother’s surname, mother of gestation is hard; 19.3% of respondents felt the name what it doesn’t matter; There are 16.5% of the respondents felt can combine parents surname and dismantling, as the child’s name.