To buy a house in China women have the final say? Developers to tell you the truth

women dominate in the buying decision Developers to pay more attention to women demand

women’s power is changing housing

Beijing youth daily “metal era” and 58 city housing jointly launched a big data report, the report against women made a purchase behavior, not only once again proved that the rise of women’s spending power, at the same time also presents some characteristics in the process of buying a house women and habits. In buying a home, according to the report, women’s voice has transcended the men. About 65.2% of the respondents believe that women in the process of buying a house, has played a decisive role. In addition, on the specific choice house, eye shot is open balconies, chaoyang big advocate lie and daylighting large living room will be a part of the hostess most care about.

female voice on buying a home has surpassed men

in addition, due to the rise of female power house has been doing this product changed, woman who is trying to cater to the consumer. A 38 women’s days, let the women to become the focus of social economy, women’s purchasing power in the real estate market showing a growing trend. In today’s era background, the developers have also begun against women buyers formulate corresponding marketing strategy, trying to lay a solid foundation for spring in March.

march increased supply building by 38 section campaign

holiday marketing for almost all the enterprise, traditional marketing methods, the high attention of holidays, many marketers are scrambling to coup, it seems to become the vane of the property market marketing. From the point of real estate marketing situation in recent years, Christmas, valentine’s day, qixi festival holiday is more popular with enterprise, and the heat of the general concern of traditional holiday is not very high. But as much anticipated, spring march volume also to a great extent, affects the performance all year round, so since the Lantern Festival, holiday marketing model for enterprise, and opened fired the first battle of spring marketing.

last week, with 38 women’s days, many project is also the opportunity to start the promotion and warming up activities, attracted a certain popularity. Like jingxi, on a project in advance notice will be held in March 8 new push, inviting women business owners to sales offices also enjoy manicures, massage and other services. Is not to make a related promotions on holiday, but obviously, developers are also capable of growing popularity in the name of the festival gathering.

according to the Beijing is built appoint, according to data released after the Spring Festival, Beijing property market began to supply more. New issue 11 newly-built commodity house opens to booking in February, a total of 2037 sets of houses, increased from January 1097, growth of 117%. Including Beijing huilongguan yue fu development park, fengtai tianheng taken financial street park mansion, yanqing caux and tongzhou miles spring breeze.

the increase of the supply, also bring the housing market sentiment. It is understood that due to the approach of the March 8, start some projects on the last weekend to visit the scene of the ms launched a series of activities, such as WeChat lucky big wheel activities, with exquisite gift, etc.

women have become a buy decision makers

in the past, 38 women’s days are not taken seriously by developers, but now, seems to be changed. This is mainly because female voice in the home buying more and more heavy.

in modern life, housing is not exclusive, men more and more women think that buy a house is not a man, to have joined to buy real estate team. Modern woman to own a house, also is seen as a physical symbol of independence. In fact, whether in the family life, or as an individual, a significant role in buying real estate is more and more women.

in recent years, the figure of women leading to buy a house in the sales department is becoming more common, has become a beautiful scene sales department. Sales department is the sales people are very clear, the female customer satisfaction, the order to talk about. After all, a woman home apparently was central to the life that occupy the home. To buy a house, and had the first woman. So in the sales department, the female reception even more thoughtful than men.

vallely some improve housing sales staff to the north of the press is introduced, a few years ago, he has just entered the real estate sales, most of the couple to buy a house is a male dominated, wife only provides some reference opinions, more energy is looking after children rather than the sand table. But nearly two years the situation has changed significantly, the proportion of women’s participation in decision-making is bigger and bigger, some even in a dominant position, male instead of joy at leisure, rest on one side.

fengtai a work improvement project director, said, in fact, from the point of view of the current residential design, function layout, also in to cater to the be fond of of women. Such as: master bedroom will pay more attention to set up a closet or wardrobe, actually the function of service in women. So, experienced sales staff, to see the couple together and previewing, reception work will focus on the mistress, because decisions are often in the hands of the hostess. Obviously, women’s participation in decision-making and the proportion of the housing real estate even more and more high, has become a new trend of housing consumption.

we often say that developers on the market reaction is the most sensitive, it is not hard to see, the growing women’s purchasing power has already started to cause the attention of developers. According to the construction of time and 58 city housing common research report shows, with the purchase of women, 52.5% are white-collar workplace, the economic independence of women in purchase decisions but also holds the absolute power. Survey data show: in the process of purchase, 65.2% of the women opinion has played a decisive role, 28.4% of women offers some helpful Suggestions on the purchase, only 6.4% of women on the buying decision is neglected.

adenocarcinoma, said more than sixty percent of women think plays a decisive role in the process of buying a house, you can see women in to buy a house is not passive in this matter, and there is a strong dominant. This can be seen in the mock up room a lot of developers, now more and more attention to the mock up room with female Angle of view to show details of domestic outfit that powerful romantic bedroom, kitchen, very tong qu children room are fully attention to the different age stages such as women’s personality, claims and ideas.

in addition, women to purchase is no longer a marry a men who have a house so simple, more women want to undertake the task to buy a house together, also hope that the woman’s name is on the house property card, of course.

survey data show that more than 80% of respondents believed house is both sides of the common property, the name of both parties need to have. And only 4.4% of the respondents think that buy a house is the man’s things, not willing to take. Most of the other women all want to undertake the task of buying a house together. It is important to note that more than seventy percent of women said the short-term rent is acceptable, but must have intention to buy a house.

the adenocarcinoma, said more reflected in women’s economic independence together to buy a house, there are eighty percent women accept and men together to buy a house loan, and does not require men could afford to buy a house in this matter, and nearly half of women would you like to pay a down payment, with male female economic independence enhancement get fully embody on buying it. After considering the 90 has become an important force in the housing market, after the marriage room 90 about this women rely solely on the proportion of men to buy a house than in 70, decreased significantly after 80.

good house to understand women

in order to further understand the real demand of women home buyers in the market, in recent days, north green press combined with investigation report has carried on the field visits to multiple units at the same time. In the process of step plate, several real estate sales staff said: & other; Now women number of buyers is increasing, and more and more smart, also more and more professional. Previously women love impulse that buy a house, may be designed for a cloakroom ignore other factors, but the style is changing now. Throughout the &; What the women in the process of buying a house is emphasis on what factors?

the survey report shows that in & other; Locations throughout the &; & other; Price & throughout; & other; Form a complete set & throughout; & other; Family & throughout; & other; Community environment & throughout; All kinds of factors, such as the highest priority for & other Locations throughout the &; , accounting for 60.42% of the total. Area become one of the most concerned factors that buy a house to buy women before marriage, has said a better location often life is convenient, the transportation is convenient, and more shopping, entertainment, easier to get the favour of young women.

due to the change of consumption, the discretion of the housing prices is not the first problem of female home buyers. On the contrary, they pay more attention to the practicability of the house, including the details of the housing and peripheral.

the e-town Jin Maoyue introduced a real estate consultant, according to the contact of the person that buy a house, is the person that buy a house very valued supporting & other women; Throughout school + shopping &; , on the door model design is favored & other The balcony + window & throughout; . Married women in order to let the child can enter a good school, school transportation is convenient, for district’s house at a high price. And more young women will because a beautiful example room, or a large balcony, view a good window, decided to buy.

in the functional aspects of the house, women on the investigation to the house more meticulous and thoughtful, and more picky. The property consultants, said the guest bedroom is there enough privacy; Children room, old person room and a kitchen the size of the space; Is there a toilet window, whether to have independent storage space and other details, are the important factors that affect women to buy. He said, & other; Because, for a family women stay at home than men often long, they will consider more door model the impact on the real life. Throughout the &;

in addition, the transportation is convenient, safe living environment and community the essence of natural landscape is also attached great importance to women buyers. Building marketing director, said the women when choosing to buy, on the one hand has a surprisingly calm analysis, on the location of the house, traffic, orientation, distribution, and so on and so forth touch clearly; On the other hand, shows a female of exquisite and unique aesthetic view, easily moved by some of the detail of the things.

as a result, many buildings are particularly pay attention to the living space of the build for the future, to impress women buyers in terms of emotional and services. By visiting journalists have also found that besides luxuriant design between example, many in the sale of real estate is becoming more and more attention to women of exclusive space, even a small family model, also & other; The sparrow is small, all-sided & throughout; , dressing table, wardrobe, comfortable cooking space and practical storage space, even the woman put the boot shoe ark design is unique, conditional improvement projects, except for a study also effort to build the space of afternoon tea, between girlfriends a sofa, a tea table, a balcony, this design is more easy to impress women, the person that buy a house.

in order to make & other; Throughout her &; Women tempted forces are changing the housing

in fact, the power of women in a year & other Double tenth throughout the &; Was the most outstanding. Both in taobao and jingdong, regard women as the most important customers, attract consumer guide.

house is also similar. During the investigation, many estate sales consultant, said: & other; The modern women & lsquo; Idea & rsquo; More and more big, send jewelry to send cosmetics are hard to impress their hearts, to buy a set of house, send a yard to get their favour. Throughout the &;

there are even the personage inside course of study joke, house selling bad not market, is not a policy issue, but did not understand women. Could be judged from the real estate advertising, over the years, the real estate is in propaganda at men, what high-end honor international, the elite community spheres, for women is less. Even pay are men, but the survey data have shown that real decision-making power and women.

the first to realize female power, the lake must be one of them. 12 years ago, the lake for the first time in Beijing, in shunyi took the first piece of land, in 2007, the lake is the first project in Beijing and other Twinkling rings mountain & throughout; , selling $28, since then, longhu entered a rapid development in Beijing. Then lake, with an unfamiliar market, a program is not the core, but the opening shots in what may be the first gun, with is in the Beijing market is totally not seen way of afforestation, luxuriant gardens, streams clear sight. Seen women just can’t hold it completely, layout, location, form a complete set to put aside. Also has a unique female boss because, longhu has been in the industry & other; The most understand women & throughout; The call.

longfor’s success is not an exception, for a long time, to buy a house concept is also changing the property market in women. Beijing north a marketing director, told the newspaper reporter, compared to men, women buy more pay attention to the practicability of the house, found in the process of marketing, in addition to price, attached great importance to women of the house comfort and community environment, on the family preferred to have the yard, the design of the balcony, bay window. Women pay more attention to because the house brought about by a variety of life experience.

as a result, developers are increasingly pay attention to the mining of demand for female, true for women in the housing market before the product is not much, women’s & other; Demanding & throughout; Will urge the enterprise to build more mature products. In the first lake & middot; Days post as an example, in addition to & other; Throughout the home &; Space design, function layout and realty service even more attention, more importantly, villas are supporting the front and back yard, truly single-family house, meet every woman heart & other; Villa dream & throughout; . In addition, women than men, pay more attention to functional partition. Like days post the interior space is after careful consideration, old person room in first floor, to ensure the parents access to convenient, don’t need to climb building, quiet and not affected by the second floor; null