Three major obstacles to remarry husband and wife is difficult to overcome

guide language: divorce, will cause people’s fear of marriage, married again, however, requires that a person from coming out of a failed marriage. Remarried couples generally exist some uncontrollable psychology, this is not conducive to the harmony of life after marriage. So what’s the psychological barrier remarry husband and wife will be?

3 remarry husband and wife is difficult to overcome obstacle

1. Comparative psychology

remarry husband and wife to make a trouble, is in the original spouse compared advantages and disadvantages now mate, everything, everywhere. This will hurt each other’s feelings, also disappoint yourself for reconstruction of family, broken again lead to marriage. But people have their own long, also to be short. Should be actively comprehensive evaluation of each other, know each other, know each other, help them overcome shortcomings, make each other their ideal mate.

2. Wariness of

remarried both husband and wife are some of the family property in the past, given that the previous marriages, often produce alert psychological, economic blockade and distracted eyes, leave room for manoeuvre, the independence, it makes real family in name only. In fact, since reconstruction of the family, you should use all money together without reserve, to close relationship.

3. Habits psychological

general in first marriage may have formed their own interests, hobbies and habits, remarried at that time can not adapt to each other, especially the sexual life habit, if not to get to know each other and familiar with each other’s desires, requirements and skills, is likely to lead to sex is not harmonious, incurring the wrath of the both sides. So, married couples should take the initiative to adapt to each other’s habits, looking for a can take care of the habit of compromise solution. In addition, both parties should have enough tolerance, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, coordinate each other, build up a new life habit.

to understand the psychological obstacles of remarry husband and wife, so now let’s look at how to eliminate the psychological barrier. First of all, must be able to eliminate each other ideas in reference to old out of the shadow of his former wife or husband in their head, though not easy, but try to do it. General can adopt the following ways:

1. Move the easiest reminiscent of the old items, lest recalled memories;

2. In the same new friction occurs, try not to recall with reminiscences of past lovers get along with. in order to consolidate and develop new relationship, must put an end to take new appointee and compare ideas, more don’t say compared with lover surface effect. So, after a period of time, can gradually cut off on both sides of the line of nostalgia.

3. Constantly find good love each other. is actually the opposite sex good character and the moving could found that the deepening of love, is to find good from love. Love a person, is because the person has a loved one’s personality and quality. So for the sake of love and beauty, to find this. On the other hand, means that lost in love. To remarry husband and wife, this discovery is particularly important, because only constantly found, to make it become perfect in each other’s eyes, can desalt impression of their respective spouses before, to make two hearts closer.