There are several women bear live increasingly insipid marriage?

there are a few women bear live increasingly insipid marriage?

my husband and I are introduced by friends, he is not handsome, not tall, born into a peasant family, because the skin is a little black, and wear a pair of black glasses, temperament is more, a see will know that is a nerd, although is a famous university graduate student, but to be honest, if it weren’t for himself to have the rest of the age, he is not my type.

he and my former boyfriend belong to two completely different types, my former boyfriend world will see how the gander hops, in those days, I just was his rhetoric cheat dizzy, under parents repeatedly remind and firmly opposed to I just wake up, and he is very simple and honest, because learn is IT, at ordinary times, basically spent time dealing with computers, so they are not good at to communicate with other people’s language, introverted also appear to be dull. When the emotional damage has become a leftover woman I met him again, don’t expect him to have any particular promise, as long as there is a steady feelings, as long as anchored to live, I don’t.

the love also is in extremely boring, there is no romantic no flowers, it seems that he have to work overtime every day, it seems that he has never been a free day, not to talk about how long, I chose to marry him, because he has no other desire for me.

after getting married, we had a few days of being carefree days, husband and began his busy everyday, twinkling of an eye, we have been married for more than six years, he had on Sunday, I don’t remember don’t remember he had a vacation, more do not remember him for a few days will be off work on time, every day, is I pick up my child in a hurry to go home, in a hurry to prepare the dinner, however, put the kids to bed after bath to wash feet, until he came back to home, basically I have been in a dream.

so, after marriage, our feelings also don’t have much change, our life is calm. Set schedules like time, every day he gets up at seven o ‘clock on time every morning, at 7:30 on time to go out, come back at night time, not necessarily but to dinner will call me, or tell me is he coming to dinner, or told me that he need to work overtime. He has no other interests, and the only hobby is like reading, it’s that kind of esoteric business books, but also in English, basically don’t watch TV. Then, in the evening at 12 o ‘clock to go to bed on time.

a man should struggle for career, can be the man in the dream to achieve your career at the same time, also should take care of his wife and child’s feelings? After all, I am also working woman, want to busy work again to Gu Guting already, there are several women don’t complain? How many women really tolerance for solitude?

is weekend don’t go to work, he also can’t sleep late, get up on time, get up and do breakfast, tidy up the room, sitting in front of a computer program written, have lunch, sitting in front of a computer to work again, for dinner, on the Internet to communicate with colleagues to discuss problems, sitting in front of a computer working again, then, take a shower sleep. Invariable life let I slowly became more boring boring, asked him to take us NianLia several times to go out to travel or trip, he has to work in no time as an excuse to delay, also said that home poor, parents can’t help you, only yourself a bit more hard now earn a little money, to make our life better in the future.

my personality is not the same as he is, because my home economic conditions can also, parents dote on that since I was young, I developed a lively and outgoing personality, like making friends, like singing, like to play around. Since marrying him, however, I was trapped children and household chores in the home, haven’t seen a movie, didn’t go out to travel, go shopping together accidentally pulled him also quietly followed like a puppet, no hobby, no close friends, he likes is monotonous and boring news military forever, nausea, football, besides which he had never done the work.

recently, what he’s after a major projects, is the endless overtime, company and home plus, plus free day also and at ordinary times, every day back home I will face the empty room cool. Since children to grandparents, I also become don’t want to go home, come out to play about friends.

I began to hate this boring life completely from a collective activities organized by the unit and to know began after President of group company. On that occasion, in honor of the group the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company, the company organized a collective activity, group company President also take part in, in this way, President met me. He is that kind of talk humor, witty language, very understand a woman, tall, handsome, middle-aged man met at a time, he doesn’t remember me, but I like and have a crush on him, but he just is my big boss, I dare not to expect.

it didn’t take long, once I send the file to his office, not only did he just call out my name, and very kind to me, and ask my work, and ask my hobby, is our family don’t ask each other sensitive topics. Later, when he was empty occasionally give me a call, let me talk to him in the past, of course, he said that just want to know what the grassroots employees have ideas, have what good advice to the company development. Familiar with him, feeling that he is not the boss of the shelves, and as a result, the topic we are together is much, he often praised me is a women’s ice snow cleverness, can consider to transfer to be his secretary. There, I can see their beauty, see their own value be sure, this is my husband where never get approval, let me feel very pleasant talking with him. Meet with number increase, our topic is more bold and direct, when one day he asked me to the hotel to accompany him, I agreed without hesitation.

home the next day, the first time I talk to my husband lied, speaking of university female students, have a meal with them and accompany them to play in the hotel, while the husband, as always, believe me, no doubt, but this time the derailment still haunt me for a long time, also let me guilty for a long time.

however, the boss seems to like me, always call me from time to time alone with him, every time I need to make up reason to lie to him, and he was, as always, believe me, never ask details ask and who together, so, sometimes I will think, whether he was really trust me or no longer care about me? He is really a workaholic or interested in avoiding me? He is really don’t know I’m cheating or even bother to ask not in the mood?

married a few years ago I also is a homely woman, I also want to like other women, there is a love oneself of husband, have a beautiful or handsome children, have never thought I would because of loneliness and cheat, I just want to live it. But now, I’m not happy, my husband and I basically do not have a common language, even said a words together very little time, he will know that every day work, even his wife didn’t cheat notice.

more and more, I suspect, we now what is marriage? Whether he still love me, how long the insipid marriage life on earth can hold?