The more women ask for the bride after marriage, the more happiness?

guide language: wedding cost is surprisingly high modern city man, marry a young village is also very difficult. Will it’s the bride after marriage, the more the more happiness?

to ask for the more the bride married the woman of happiness?

all said the woman in this life is not easy, do the daughter to take care of their parents, most work and household chores may, after marriage have children but also forget yourself. If meet a considerate husband also good, lay on a long not big men have to worry about, in a difficult mother-in-law more hard. The woman’s parents also not easy, daughter married after growing up, only to raise hard and care, because raising a daughter some harm, just had a man marry CAI li, him marry a custom in town. The man sent bride price in many places is part of the wedding program, also known as sending lobola or dowry gifts, said two engagement shall not go back on our word of concluding the woman go back on our word should return the dowry, the man back as breaking an engagement.

with the improvement of social development and the conditions of material life, marry the bride also pulled a few feet of cloth in the 1950 s, three turn off in the 70 s, to the bride price for now, keep pushing Gao Zhao cost of the man’s wife. According to a new city marry cost rankings, with 2.08 million yuan in shenzhen at the top of the list, ranked second with 2.02 million yuan in Beijing, Shanghai, with 2 million yuan in third. For a reporter calculated brushstroke zhang to the groom’s family 300000 yuan savings and $60000 annual salary calculation, after all their savings, also need to accumulate 29 years salary, don’t eat not to drink to Chinese fine condition of wife home in shenzhen.

wedding cost is surprisingly high modern city man, marry a young village is also very difficult. It is reported that, according to a certain area of anhui traditional custom, the man before marry, in addition to the woman to pay 200000 yuan in cash dowry, the woman on the first time scientists have to greet to ten thousand yuan. Men before marriage & other; Move & throughout; (the car and house) but also cannot little, marry a wife added up to 500000 yuan or so, too, what’s more, the conditional still have to buy a house in the city.

men marry women marry originally is a happy thing, but a lot of the groom all not happy, if meet with haggle over every ounce of her parents, the bride doesn’t don’t want to go home to marry the wife. The bride price for today, has become a mercenary marriage variant, the serious influence the health development of marriage culture, make a lot of his family for preparing the dowry peeling skin, not only polluted the pure love between men and women, also added a bitter sweet, to get married or even because gather qi CAI li huang marriage, not the original in-law into his enemy.

analysis found that the man send the dowry and woman ask for the bride, in the process of the evolution of the woman’s family has three erroneous zone played their part: one is the bride’s family for the dowry, the husband’s family will be more care. 2 it is before marriage to more, have more family status after marriage. Three is how much the dowry is about women’s social status, the promise of the dowry, the more shows that men are more likely to love yourself. Women before marriage much to the bride after marriage really is the happiness? Just the opposite actually, although the dowry can express the man’s emphasis on the marriage, but only in order to win the favor of the family, avoid the boat when marry, what’s more, the man take the initiative to send the bride and her for the dowry is two different concepts.

the man take the initiative to give the woman the dowry, suggests that care about the marriage, both at the same time also suggests that family condition is also good. But voluntary to the dowry and the different nature of the ask for the bride, the wife’s dowry, the higher the price, the groom’s family economic burden is heavier. Price if the woman out of the man’s financial capacity, lost his shirt because of a marriage, and even owe a bunch of debt, cement relations not only influence the in-laws, parents-in-law would not give his wife a nice watch. Woman who asked for the heavier the dowry, the marriage caused the higher the probability of family conflicts, new wife will also be a PoGuRen complained that object. Therefore, women no matter to compensate for their parents, or in order to help the younger brother to get married, encourage parents ask prospective husband’s family to bride price too much.