The husband to his wife asks for leave reason: want to go to the Spring Festival with “small three”

最近,32岁的朱女士收到一张特殊的“ Missing & throughout; Ask for leave, is her husband, want to go to play with and other reason is the Spring Festival holiday; Small three & throughout; !

the husband to his wife asks for leave to accompany & other; Small three & throughout; (photo: canopy originality. Graphic has nothing to do.

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& other; My husband and I married for eight years, he spent most of his time away on a business trip, but two or three months a year at home. Throughout the &; Reporters saw ms zhu in stone paved her family living stone bridge near the light rail station, her husband deng is a commodity company sales manager.

Spring Festival approaching, her husband’s return will come, Ms. Zhu eagerly looking forward to every day. Today, my husband came back, but depressed, often a man smoking in the balcony, a thoughtful look. Looked at her husband

increasingly haggard, ms zhu is very worried, asked her husband whether work anxiety. Husband shook his head, silent for a long time to tell Ms. Zhu the truth.

& other; He said on a business trip in shenyang, liaoning province, dinner party met in the overseas branch of a divorced woman, he is very good to her. Throughout the &; Speaking of which, Ms. Zhu can’t help but SOB. For each other, Mr Deng who divorced, active pursuit of each other, two people outside become & other; Lovers & throughout; .

he said unexpectedly to me leave to accompany small three

to hear of her husband, Ms. Zhu had died. In memory, ms zhu deng has been a very good husband and daughter in the eyes of a good father.

here, the nightmare is not over yet. Looked at his wife, Mr Deng is quite tricky to open: & other; She was pregnant with my child, say to want to marry me, I can’t, had to tell her, I have my wife and kid, let her take children out quickly. As a result, she was an ectopic pregnancy, and now had the surgery and I’m afraid bosom not on child anymore & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

& other; The Spring Festival I want to play with her, will you? Is I lied to her, so much I want to accompany her through this period of the most difficult days. Throughout the &; Mr Deng and looked at his wife, eyes full of hope. & other; At that time I have thought of a divorce. Throughout the &; Can calm down, think of innocent children, ms zhu she bay there is the idea.

see he started a bit more gaunt don’t have the heart to

since last week’s husband put forward & other; Application & throughout; Later, Ms. Zhu began to insomnia. Tell from heart, Ms. Zhu felt sorry for the little three. & other; She’s innocent, blame my husband lied to her. Throughout the &; Thought of here, Ms. Zhu thought, or agreed to go to see her husband during the Spring Festival? & other; I asked him, if I agree, if this is the last time to meet with her, he didn’t answer me. Throughout the &; Her husband’s made ms zhu cold silence.

in the Spring Festival, Ms. Zhu three will be a happy travel, this year the husband say that as long as he is false, paying for his wife to travel with children. & other; No matter where to go, as a family together happy. Throughout the &; Ms zhu said. & other; He is gaunt, moral torture everyday, now I don’t know should shouldn’t agree to go he & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

emotional interpretation: if you want to save the marriage can only pay for his fault

xiao-yan zhou (chongqing normal university psychology professor) : is pest immoral man, a woman’s natural enemy. Your husband as an immoral man, the wife in a dilemma situation. If you want marriage, that is about to embrace her husband’s fault, with the heart of shame, paying for his mistake. Small three out of the thing, whether it is economic compensation, or emotional compensation, will pay you together. Now, you saw her husband don’t have the heart to this, he went to you worry about marriage, the whole thing let you blocked core, blame the husband derailed nausea, as to leave this thing, agreed, acquaintances will think you’re funny, down to the husband SanJia, original moral integrity? You don’t agree with, out of the business, you need to follow to take responsibility, choose which road, what do you do, depends on you the consensus of the couple.