The husband infertility small three gives birth to the doll

husband infertility small three gives birth to the Eva

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every period of love when they walk in war-torn need a child to save the marriage. He and I didn’t, so our marriage, or love is also will eventually end.

and the husband was a high school classmate, I was the focus of the top students in the class, he is back in the class the underachiever, one is the first row of the classroom, one is the classroom last table Angle, the distance from us like a in the Antarctic, a in the arctic, can never be met. But never know who is across the fields, we have met in the campus. Later, I didn’t know he is to my deskmate to get my fill in school, in order to and I was in the same university, his family out of the 6 digits sponsorship of the gold, perhaps is the reason why this crazy let I decided to marry him.

and all married, all focus on having children after marriage. The first two years of marriage, I can also go out to work. But in the third year, I was her mother-in-law arrange concentration at home to prepare & other Made man & throughout; . Although I always think I and husband is still young, can temporarily not in a hurry to the baby. But the husband is a filial son, go out the eyes of her mother-in-law every day is more bold stare at my belly, in such a high pressure environment, I chose to compromise. According to my will, I don’t want to be a dink, just don’t want to so young will, since the child’s birth can make everyone happy, what is not?

I quit work intently at home & other; Made man & throughout; When her mother-in-law is eighteen martial arts class periods, various perfect great soup, January rush me come on, baby so maybe can be named & other; National Day & throughout; ; In June, even the husband shouted to talk, said if there is a baby now, her birthday is next year for three generations. But god seems to mean and making fun of me, to prepare for more than a year, also did poorly in his stomach. I gradually feel that her mother-in-law is make soup also less frequently, the husband sometimes look at my belly, sighing in silence.

5 anniversary of marriage, the husband extra polite to his bedroom at night from the moment we lead you, the husband said to me & other; YiZi, we adopt a child, we as their own. Throughout the &; After listening to the husband, my heart suddenly cold half, somehow, a cool wind & other; Whoosh throughout the &; In my head. What can I say? In my in the mind more think there is a baby of her own and her husband, is my half, the other half is the husband. But five years of weeds, who still dare to hope for it? Looking forward to look in the eyes I looked at my husband, I in tears nodded his head.

to be honest, first saw the baby, I like the guy who love to sleep. He is very lovely, was not a bit naughty, often yawning, two small eyes narrowed to remain a line; Meat doodle always hand in his mouth, glued in saliva, mother-in-law a hug her, and straight to her mother-in-law face paint, and her mother-in-law is also smile did not even the eyes immediately. That’s I’m really very grateful to the baby, she’s arrival, I feel myself and her mother-in-law’s relationship to ease a lot.

if it is not that a chance, I think I will be happy to live a lifetime in his bones, perhaps I also would like to be cheat for a lifetime. Husband and mother-in-law that day to go to the temple master for your baby, please give name, it is said that this child can stay in life blessings. I don’t like temples, naturally don’t like, so a person stay at home.

husband and mother-in-law walked before long, the doorbell rang, I thought it was losing things, they have never thought unexpectedly is a strange woman. She obviously some fat, obviously is just bare, but the charm of the brow can still see before. Without my permission, she opened the I’m going to find a place to sit. Looked around, and finally eyes landed on the photo taken recently my husband and I and the baby, she with indignation. Took photos to hit, I all ready to ask her to leave, thought that was her away, she angrily rejected, & other; Not chickens lay eggs, you should go to you, this is the place where I and the family reunion. Throughout the &; In a flash, I finally understand that children, turned out to be the husband behind my back and keep of others. Suddenly, the world to me, like a scourge, white came to me and I don’t know what to do, what I can do.

the evening came back, the husband admitted, but the most let I can’t accept that it is the words of her mother-in-law, & other; Women itself is the parent with your child, you don’t have five years, I let the son outside to look for a woman to borrow abdomen parturient, didn’t put you away is to give you face, we keep you up to now already show extremely forbearance. Throughout the &;

once I’ve been afraid of seven year itch, but I didn’t think my marriage because they have no children, five years died early. The second marriage, my current husband is my college classmate, said he had been waiting for me, I said I can’t have children. He said don’t care. I promised him, although I can’t believe the love, but also does not have the courage to walk alone. A year later, my baby fell to the ground, then for the first time I tasted the joy of being a mother. Infertility, it seems, is her ex-husband, three children who are so small?