The husband and sister do you?

husband and sister do you?

net friend letter:

four years ago, my sister got married, my parents gave her him fifty thousand. In fact, my condition is not very good, him fifty thousand is a not easy thing. Sister married, my parents body is only one thousand yuan. I haven’t found a suitable job, my parents are in bad harvest.

in order to the day of the home can be better, I apply for a delivery soon work, although the salary is not high, but not add burden to my parents. Just didn’t think, one day I went to send express, out of an accident. Originally inductrial injury, but my boss is not willing to bear, I main responsibility for the accident.

the accident cause I was in a coma for, to the hospital, the doctor in the operating room for four hours. Fortunately I deadly, survived the sinking. Can bind my parents, because my medical bills for them is a huge number. Is sister know me and family, take the initiative to take out the parents to her dowry gave me fifty thousand, as the medical bills.

my parents are choked with said to sister, thank you. Later, I didn’t know the elder sister, irrespective of the brother-in-law and PoGuRen words directly give money to the parents, saved my life. From then on, the elder sister in the husband’s family, the days very let a person heart. Her mother-in-law said, the elder sister has been married to their home, can be intent on taking something from the husband’s family support their family.

actually, let her sister’s husband’s family have such a reaction, there is a more important reason. I am a child of the parents to adopt, and they have no blood relationship, in her sister’s PoGuRen eyes, I am an outsider.

the body slowly back, I worked so hard to make money, intent on let parents a good life, also the favour of the elder sister. Basic recovery after discharge from the body, by an accidental opportunity with my elder brothers business, after three years, my career is the development by leaps and bounds, has also been married his young family.

recently, listen to my parents, my sister want to buy a house, but also a sum of money. One hundred and fifty thousand I don’t want to give what the sister. Sister said, she can’t to, depends on their ability to buy a house.

I said to say either good or bad, the elder sister that I gave her money received. Wife suddenly found card one hundred and fifty thousand less, I tell the truth, she shouted at me, how to also don’t have a chance to say to her. I tried, let the wife make allowance for my sister and I. But his wife said, I have no relation with them, aren’t you silly you.

I adopted by my parents when I was younger, they gave me a home, because they are, I didn’t have the means to become more powerful. So after listening to a wife words, I think the wife does not understand me. And sister have also saved me, regardless of the PoGuRen opposition, give me all her dowry. From then on, my sister used to be wronged in husband’s family, heard that often can’t serve dinner in the home, because do not have children, the husband’s family as a nanny & hellip; & hellip;

listen to mom and dad, my sister has decided to buy a house, and my wife after listening to the, always shouted to me to take back to one hundred and fifty thousand, even grateful to her sister’s help, should also only is fifty thousand. In order to let me get the money, the sister and wife even spoke to call sister returned the money to her.

I don’t let the wife, sister saved my life, I also should give more money. The wife said, also have her a, one hundred and fifty thousand, call what I say and get back to her that a, or divorce. Also said that the elder sister is occupy oneself have saved me, know I want to repay, so shameless, accept my kindness & hellip; & hellip;

this is to be I hadn’t thought of his wife, for that a sum of money, just as I spoke to divorce such things. I was disappointed for the wife, sister know my wife and I are having troubles to the money, she advised me to get their money back, a good wife and living. But I just don’t want to take back, is to give to my sister. Although we have no blood relationship, but she grew up to my concern and care, no kiss little sister.

and it is said that now, sister father-in-law is ill in hospital, need a sum of money to do surgery. So in love in, I should not help sister. In the summer of the teacher, did I do wrong? And, last give money for his sister to buy a house, to ease the relationship between her in husband’s family, I think, if sister can help her father-in-law cure, maybe she PoGuRen to accept her, then I can live in comfort.

I should how to do ideological work with wife, let her understand sister for saving his life to me, to resolve her prejudice of my sister? What the hell am I should continue to help the elder sister?

summer mo re:

grateful, is a kind of good quality, but also a way of harvest happiness. During your rescue, your sister can no take money to save you, visible, your sister how good, how to care about you. You are a member of the family, the family already entrenched.

your sister’s marriage and your marital conflict, mainly appear in the communication on this link. Eager to save you and your sister with her husband and the husband’s family have a good communication, lead to this misunderstanding. And you help my sister to buy a house, no wife to communicate and discuss with you, also have no communication, cause she didn’t understand you. Standing in the other’s Angle to think, your wife must have the feeling of not be respected, she must think of your sister’s place in your heart, in your heart position is much more important than her.

suspicion, often because of distrust. Angry, is often because not enough. Misunderstanding, often because of communication does not reach the designated position. Not enough understanding, often because of communication problems.

learn empathy, there are many kinds of Thanksgiving way, but I’m not take money to repay. An ebb in life, when she needs help, help, encourage her, warm her, comfort her. Money, emergency, but can’t save the poor. Don’t put yourself as your sister’s machines, not to mention the habitual take money to help your sister. Because the time is long, will become a kind of dependence, instead, is not conducive to maintain the affection between you.

however, elder sister my father-in-law was ill, if she need to borrow money, can borrow her some discretion. The premise must be want to communicate with his wife and to discuss, get her nod, to borrow money. And learn to maintain the affection between you and your wife, the more you love her, she will be more trust you, will be more understand you, also will accept what you care about people.