The couple made a great feast “divorce ceremony” expert: it is necessary

estimates that a lot of people and I am, for the understanding of the divorce ceremony from the movie “if you are the one 2”.

at the start of the film when it launched the wedding ceremony, oh, no, is actually a divorce ceremony.

& other; Divorce ceremony & throughout; Is it necessary?

& other; Today we witness together, our common friends, mango and xiangshan to end their for five years of marriage, from husband and wife to friends. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Divorce ceremony speech.

this movie was released in 2010, is already in the past eight years, but so far still news about divorce ceremony.

from baidu encyclopedia, divorce ceremony refers to many estranged Japanese couples choose divorce through holding solemn ceremony to end a marriage. As Japan’s rising divorce rate, many estranged Japanese couples choose divorce through holding solemn ceremony to end a marriage.

appears to be initiated in neighbouring Japan, for us to do new things. But similar news has recently increased slowly, with divorce rates rising, divorce seems to be very common things around you.

divorce ceremony anyway, also increased exposure on the news.

2016-09-23, guizhou mobile news, beam couple of shandong province held a & other; Divorce ceremony & throughout; , on the red arch & other; Warm congratulations XXX (XXX) divorce ceremony & throughout; , and set up writing & other; Divorce ceremony & throughout; The background of card, marking the time and place, high-profile announced their divorce, the instantaneous maxed news network.

before I also held a ceremony to divorce, also very don’t understand. For the average person, a divorce it seems the ignoble things, have you noticed when friends circle got married is all wish the whole world know that yes, but not the divorce will be hidden. Almost no one in the circle of friends announced & other; I’m divorced & throughout; .

to realize the importance of divorce ceremony, because of a chat and miao miao, miao miao when children are about one year old and husband divorce, because the miao miao feel myself to earn money, raise children myself, the husband do not care about me, what to do to a husband, and her husband emotional control ability is general, also from time to time mood at home.

miaomiao the divorce process is decisive, basically from ideas to the divorce formalities about a month is completed. Then there is no and friends complain about how much her ex-husband is bad, always very objectively to look at this problem, a typical independent women now.

but her ex-husband was always have some problems, and how we find miaomiao, a man’s face is not down, always beat about the bush, ok, we can understand woman, usually I will also give me some the present situation of the miao miao is not very deliberate.

but as a walk in the way of counselor’s me, always feel want to do something, when in class the teacher mentioned & other; Matters not & throughout; , I suddenly thought of divorce formalities done in intimate relationship, it will still have a lot of & other; Matters not & throughout; .