The best psychology masters are how to treat love?

Love is an eternal topic, mortal experience as I wait, in the study, of course, psychologists are also the focus of research.

So much psychological big coffee, they study themselves, study others, produced a lot of analysis and interpretation of love.

Today, the article we reprint summarizes the views of seven psychologists on love.

You may not agree with all of your views, and you may even find it quite exciting. However, these different perspectives and different interpretations will inspire us to at least let us know that some people understood love as such.

People do not agree, love is naturally diverse.

Weekend, come together to talk about love this important “romantic little thing”. PS. Personal favorite, or Fromm’s point of view 🙂

Master of British object-relation theory. In the psychoanalysis after Freud, Winnipeg has an extraordinary spirit of innovation and a unique perspective.

He is far from Freud’s emphasis on instinct and writes a number of books on how mother-child interactions nourish or hinder child development.

The perfect relationship between partners is: nest in the lover’s arms alone.
* “One Mind” Interpretation: Even if the two people have nothing to say it does not matter, relatively silent, temporarily silent, you can lie quietly in each other’s arms lonely, which is the ultimate manifestation of mutual trust between the two is The highest level.

02    Carl Gustav Jung

Swiss psychologist. In 1907, he began to work with Freud to develop and popularize the theory of psychoanalysis for six years. Afterward, he discredited the concept of Freud and went so far as to establish Jung’s theory of personality analysis psychology. His theories and thoughts still exert far-reaching influence on psychology research.

No matter who you are, you fall, I would like to fall with you. One is brave, not ventured, nothing is lost. The other is assured, even if there is no harm.
The encounter of two souls is like the contact of two chemical substances: a little reaction will completely change them.
Loneliness does not come from nobody around. The real reason to feel lonely is because one can not communicate with others the most important feelings about it.

03    ErichFromm

American German Jewish. Humanistic philosopher and psychoanalytic psychologist. Devoted all his life to revising Freud’s psychoanalytic theory in order to meet the Westerners’ mental state after the two world wars. His theory of psychoanalysis has an influence on the world.

Love has nothing to do with maturity. If you do not work hard to develop all your personality, then every endeavor of love will fail. If you do not love the power of others, and you can not love others humbly, sincerely and disciplinedly, Life will never be satisfied.

If I love others, I should feel consistent with him, and accept his true colors. Instead of asking him to be what I want so that I can use him as a target of use.

The most important thing is to learn to be alone, and do not read books, do not listen to radio, do not smoke, do not drink. There is no ability to focus on whether you can stand alone, and this ability is a condition to learn to love.

Because we can not be self-reliant, we can only connect ourselves with another person. This person may be the savior of my life, but the relationship has nothing to do with love.

Love is not, first of all, the relationship of the same particular person; it is an attitude, a tendency of character. This attitude, personality tendencies determine a person’s relationship with the entire world, rather than the same “object of love” relationship.

If a person loves only one person and indifferent to others, his love is not love, but a symbiotic attachment or an enlarged egoism.

Immature love: Because I need you, so I love you. Mature love: Because I love you, so I need you.

04     Rowland Miller

Sam Houston State University psychology professor. He has taught intimacy at the University since 1978 and was awarded the Edwin B. Newman Award from the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Psi Chi International Society for Psychology.

His Intimacy, co-authored with Daniel Perlman, is both professional and readable. Anyone who wants to get a satisfying relationship can be inspired.

We always like those who like us.
Intimacy to meet the secret:
Appreciate your partner

Express your gratitude

Repeat these two steps

Partners can play together for a longer time together.
Men are focused on looks, women are focused on resources, but both expect their partner to be friendly, easy-going, lovely, and friendly.

05 Irvin Yalom

American group psychotherapy authority, contemporary master of psychiatry, existentialist therapy one of the three representatives. Stanford University psychiatrist lifetime honorary professor. Many of his writings not only inspire psychotherapists, but also won the general reader’s favorite.

Marriage, and the consequent possession and jealousy, only enslave souls.
We love desire more than the desire of the object more!
The kind of love I dream of is the passion shared by two people in pursuit of some higher truth. Perhaps I should not call it for love, perhaps, its real name is friendship.
The problem is not with the appearance of sex, but with things that make things disappear – something of more value.

Marriage should not be a prison, but a field that gives birth to something higher.

06     JaquesLacan

The French psychiatrist and the most independent and most controversial European psychoanalyst after the Second World War are known as the “Freudian in France.”

Love is different from desire, because the purpose of love is not for satisfaction, but for love.
The presence of love or the presence of an object opens up a gap within the subject, leaving the subject to feel ashamed of its own existence or absence, but also ecstatic with the body of its precious and marvelous qualities, helping to suture his rifts .

07     Sigmund Freud

God does not introduce, four words: fine points originator.

Mental health, always hard work and love. As long as these two things can be done, there is no other problem.
We are longing for love, and sometimes we are almost desperately throwing the love in our hands. There seems to be a desolate night in the heart of man, to the dark, lonely self.
The least fortified when we love.
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