Soulmate is harder than to find a husband?


a few days ago, wrote an article “have male girlfriends of woman, the most happiness!” . Originally just want to share a article with touching story between male girlfriends, but didn’t think everybody discussion.

soulmate is harder than to find a husband?

so, today this article I’d like to everyone’s comments and feedback, concentrated answer the following three questions:

1. What kind of man is fit to be male girlfriends?

women find bromeo difficult than to find a boyfriend and husband. Because the husband is life partner, but men’s best friend is the friend of the soul. Life can create or adjust, but the soul is unable to change and make do.

so that can do men men’s best friend, you must be a through consistent with you, and let you trust a man, you are’s, he is also in your heart that sleeping oneself.

he choke you loss you, can be met without mercy for you, but will always keep you awake, and the man you never blame;

it may be, like the male girlfriends Wen Li xu, can always give you warm and help you out of the woods, and thanked the man;

can be more, that you can at any time the cheek trouble him, torture him, but he never afraid of being rejected, not to mention the man and he said thank you.

all in all, in summary, a good male girlfriends often has the following four functions:

first of all, let a woman have between the sexes the perspective-taking ability;

second, let a woman have the ability to look at the world and the big pattern;

third, make women become more confident and interesting independently;

4, let a woman have a broader life in depth and the home front.

2, what kind of female talents suitable for looking for a male girlfriends?

in fact, the problem is I always want to emphasize.

to tell the truth, a lot of women willing to find a bromeo, just because they need. But they never thought that oneself is also needed.

in fact, any kind of relationship between man and woman, and should be the relationship between need and be needed. If only one party to pay, it is a good relationship will lose the centripetal force, will be tired, and soon die, even some & easy to each other other Results from the psychological & throughout; Substitute used to lead other more not pure.

so, a woman looking for male girlfriends, you must be need in the first place. You only need to, you just have value, can be counted, to have their own style, and let yourself mentally completely in equal status with each other.

so, you have what kind of request for male girlfriends, male girlfriends will have what kind of request for you as well. Including I mentioned in the former bromeo four big effect, female friends actually same also.

3, find a bromeo will affect each other’s family?

? This problem, is everyone in the comments questioning the biggest of all.

indeed, whether women find bromeo, or a man looking for female friends, are particularly susceptible to influence each other’s love and marriage. Because, in the face of secular vision, we are often unable to bypass the other two. Namely: the man’s girlfriend or wife, and her boyfriend or husband.

so, really benign relationship between men’s and women’s best friend, often are based on both of us have a good marriage relationship, even is the each of the other partner or licensed by default.

but there, but there will be another very real key issues. :

the more good sex marriage relationship, the more often don’t need, or the more easy to ignore both girlfriends relationship; And the more there is contradiction between disharmonious marriage relationships, but more is needed, or the more likely it is to value relationship between men’s and women’s best friend.

how to solve such a key contradiction?

blue thinks, the key still lies in the independence and autonomy of each one itself. If you are in marriage is an independent discipline enough, then you have the ability to naturally and more space and style, to enjoy the added in parallel with marriage emotion. On the other hand, the versa!

so, from this point of view is:

male girlfriends and female girlfriends, actually is a kind of feeling of luxury. Not just any man, just to fit and ability to consume it. If there is not enough freedom and & other; Consumption & throughout; Wisely strength, better don’t touch! (articles from the wind: the sky always blue)