Soles wear

How to repair the sole wear

1, glue. If the degree of sole wear is not serious, you can go to the supermarkets to buy strong glue, glued to the wear Department, but note that, after sticking the glue shoes, can not be immediately put on ventilated place to dry, one day After you can wear, or glue will easily crack.

2, shoes palm. If you like sports, sports shoes, then the chance of wear is relatively large, after the purchase of new shoes, you can go to a professional shoe repair shop, shoe sole in the shoe, shoe relative to the protective shell, play a certain Protective effect, though really worn, only need to replace the shoe palm on it, and did not affect the original soles.

3, fill shoes shop. As the soles of the wear and tear, the footwear is divided into many kinds, it is recommended to a professional shoe shop, to repair the problem itself, you can replace the soles, you can also make up the shoes, simple and convenient, but also to save a pair of beloved Shoes

Sole wear and health

1, left and right foot wear different.

If the left and right shoes wear so much that the shape is not the same when it is related to walking posture, may be the length of the foot, because the length of the foot is not the same landing, posture is not the same , Will drag with the buttocks, because the inconsistency between the left and right, so the wear and tear around soles are different.

2, many inside wear soles. When the inside of the soles wear more, there may be because of the habit of walking within the eight feet, because this approach to move closer to the home, it is easy to cause joint sprains can cause arthritis, so modify their way of walking is necessary.

3, soles and more lateral wear. When the shoes wear more serious outside, it may be because of the X-shaped foot walking habits, due to the uneven footsteps of the force, resulting in knee wear, long-term incorrect walking habits can easily lead to the footsteps of the problems posthumously, So it must be corrected in time.

What is the most wear-resistant soles

1, rubber sole. General sports shoes are made of rubber as the material, because the rubber at the end of the more wear-resistant, especially the well-known sports brand Li Ning, Nike, Adidas, Nike soles are made of wear-resistant rubber,

2, polyurethane soles. Polyurethane soles are characterized by soft texture and strong abrasion resistance. Polyurethane soles belong to the production of Wenzhou, Wenzhou, as a famous production base, making shoes have some experience, usually for high-end shoes or sports shoes.

3, tendon at the end. At the end of the tendon is characterized by comfort and wear-resistant, not only sports shoes, many boys and girls casual shoes will tendon soles, flex resistance performance is also high.