Six years of his girlfriend broke up because I’m poor

subject: small maple age: 23 years old job: unemployed

in order to together, we chose to study abroad

the former 3 special fire, I went to, a person. After the play, sent a friend circle & ndash; & ndash; Some people looked at the thought of the past, some people looked at the thought of the future. I think of my past. I broke up with his girlfriend of 6 years, as the former 3 “released recently.

I can not give her want life

I don’t think we would be so of final outcome, I think we will have a future, she thought so, too. This we have been together for six years, but in the end, I had to break up with her, for the sake of her happiness.

she and I are high school classmates, the higher the second half of the semester I started chasing her. Our school is very bad, few people really learn, with our grades, not even to take an examination of the three. On one occasion, she told me she wanted to go abroad to study, so that we can always together. I think that’s a good idea, just go back to discuss with my mother. I am a single parent families, parents, after divorce, I have been with her life.

my mother heard this, said to me, she also hope I can receive better education, but the cost of studying abroad is very high, she was afraid can’t afford it. I was also pretty is not reasonable, a wish to go abroad, I have been grinding my mother, that I would work, reduce the burden of home, came back to find a job as a foreign company, can earn much more also. Anyway, I have all of the conceivable reason, my mother couldn’t help my daily grind, finally agreed.

girlfriend family condition is good, she is not worried about the problem of money, is mainly her family not trust a person away from home, she was also the impending nuptials, for a moment, home with the consent of the talent.

the whole process went well, get a visa of that a moment, we two are very happy and feel good life is in the direction we wave, we encouraged each other, must study hard, for the sake of our future, also to love our family.

nothing I can not give her happiness

I cost of study abroad more than 10, ten thousand yuan a year, in order to reduce the burden of my mother, I got a part-time job while reading. After our first year is to learn a language, through read undergraduate course. Not until we to study abroad life is full of yearning, after just know, always have a big gap between imagination and reality, everything is not so simple.

as soon as my girlfriend and I went to Japan cohabitation, one is to provide student accommodation, there is not the second is to save money. The two of us rented a quite old house, only one room and simple furniture, no sitting room, toilet and kitchen, are small. Before at home, what is mother arrangement, it’s all depends on me, because my girlfriend spoiled as a child, what all can’t. I do all the housework is, when I was working, she lay in bed play mobile phones. We rarely eat outside, because Japan’s price is higher, especially fruits and vegetables. His girlfriend to eat more, food is not weigh appearance, I changed the figure Fried two vegetables every day.

my time schedule is very full, learn and play the two jobs, have to go out at six in the morning, summer has to say, it is too bad in the winter. Working days of hard work, tired as a dog every day. His girlfriend also work, but her work to be easier than me, so she economic pressure is not big, and secondly I don’t want her too tired. Although both of us didn’t have much money, but each other’s heart together, very happy life. Occasionally quarrel, she ran to the good friend’s home for the night, and then I’ll go and take her back.

I thought that day would have been like this, until the day when we graduated. But, in my junior year, my mother told me that she can’t afford my tuition fees, which means I can no longer continue to study abroad. I am very painful, but powerless, can only choose to drop out of school. I asked my girlfriend going to do, she said to home with me, I don’t agree with, think that it’s too bad. I want her to stay and finish school, but she won’t, said don’t want to a person to stay in Japan, she will come back and I got married. No matter how I advised her that she would not listen to.

as I expected, his girlfriend’s parents was angry with her behaviour, force her break up with me, my girlfriend said to marry me. Her parents say, want to get married to also go, as long as he can get a one hundred – square – meter house and a car, you two can get married. It’s not obvious embarrass me? My house should have the property, I will study in halfway back?

my mom don’t agree with us. I once took his girlfriend to my mother’s shop, my mother and she said only a few words, home after said she doesn’t fit me, we are not a passer-by. I asked why, my mom said, she a see especially temperamental, eat not bitter, like our house this kind of condition, I am afraid of bitter is after you.

to be honest, I does not fear endures hardship, but I’m afraid she followed me to bear hardships. Originally thought to find a good job after study abroad, now, we have nothing left, she followed I can bear. I don’t want to be too selfish. Separation was put forward by me, she cry, I am also very sad, but sad what’s the use? Her to marry me, really like her parents said, will be wronged, I can not give her want to life. For the sake of her happiness, I choose to let go.

MuQiong said .

life always surprise, we thought we would be so, expect that, as a result, can not the same as we wish. This is life, forever in our unexpected.

for the small maple, perhaps at the beginning of studying abroad is a premature decision, ten thousands to the cost of a year is not a decimal, mother alone is difficult to make out the hands. Since now has come back, feet on the ground to get a job, or help my mother share some of the store. It is good to have a degree, no education but as long as industrious as can live well.

flash site

MuQiong: you didn’t complete their studies will be back, calculate college dropouts?

small maple: yes, university degree.

MuQiong: really is quite a shame. If by your work, you can make out your school expenses?

small maple: cost of living can work to earn it, but the tuition.

MuQiong: more than a few jobs also not line?

small maple: Japan has a regulation, the work of foreign students allowed to play how many hours a week, if beyond the time, to take a lot of taxes. And students can only make general physical labor, the average salary is lower than Japan.

MuQiong: what’s the policy? Such as a scholarship or something.

small maple: ashamed, we both learning in general, and often too tired to don’t want to study after work. So the scholarship is out with us.

MuQiong: looking for a job now?

small maple: no, I this degree not seek, those who have the diploma of undergraduate course graduate student is bad, not to mention I am a college degree. Now I help my mother to send delivery or something.