Six causes women to cheat

guide language: a lot of people don’t understand, those willing to cheat women really is how to think. In fact, most women cheating cases may be the six.

women cheat for the six reasons often

1, enjoy the romantic feeling

women are need understanding and support, but her husband sometimes is not the best. Between husband and wife love, often in real life gradually disappear, too little communication, also lack calmly atmosphere. Women are often dissatisfied with her husband: insufficient hard-working, husband husband lack of humor, considerate, can let a person enough is enough, but these words to whom to talk to? Working and living in misery and who can understand? When outside of marriage a man can give comfort, easily on the circuit of cheating.

2, find the feeling of first love

insipid life, boring day, in addition to find a lover, what can make the tired of daily necessities of women to think of yourself as the princess in the fairy tale? Lover makes women always have the feeling of love, do not allow women to cook dishes, lover will always say: & other; Baby, want to eat? Throughout the &;

the temptation of life more than men and women, no feminine beauty of women a bit since the childhood from before to after marriage should have experience of countless entangled by men, and men together outside of marriage, women can find first love feeling.

3, satisfy the vanity feeling

a man can to massage, can hug the next generation in the hall to sing K, can be catastrophic. Women are people too, want to pay a lot of than men, have children, xiangfujiaozi, why can’t women cheat? Why should women to humiliation, clean, do things carefully?

times are different, the women’s vanity is satisfied, don’t want to working in the kitchen, men and children around. If can find a lover, he will accompany around one day on the street, looking at wide variety of goods, is constantly said: & other; Baby, this dress is beautiful, you look good in a certain, have a try? Throughout the &; & other; Baby, the bags and the black skirt suit, you buy it? Throughout the &;

4, a hunger for sex

women are need to moisten, including love and sex. Woman because of love and sex, not love, desire for sex has waned. For marriage don’t meet for a long time, can make a woman in a state of love and sex double hunger. At that time, if you have another man to take the initiative to care about her, appreciate her, a woman will not hesitate to use him to fill the emptiness and hunger, and mistake the extramarital love for the truth.

5, rich fantasy

“a fantasy is richness of woman, is likely to be playing the woman. The so-called sex appeal, is not only for the charm of appearance, the ability of neutral fantasy is out of mind. Richness fantasy ability of woman, nature also needs to have more opportunities to practice their sexual dreams. When the right man appeared, they have been the allure of nature is larger.

6, with sex in exchange for love

the more inferior to the woman without the self, the more hope to meet a man’s sexual needs to please each other, hope that through their dedication to get each other’s love. They mistook the man for her sexual needs to interpret & other; He loves me very much, because he wanted to go to bed with me & throughout; . Unable to realize their desire for love, the woman had to use sex to exchange.