Simple a few action of Ta let love be dead set against you

guide language: is to let each other more love yourself, love yourself at the same time also more love each other of a process. Hope each other more love you, but you don’t want to don’t pay it is not possible. Love, love will come in time, you tolerate him, he respects you, both sides will be more love each other. So much good! DetailPic

how to let the other side to you be dead set in love

girls version

1, gentle care:

want boyfriend only love alone, that I was going to be gentle, care to caress her boyfriend more at ordinary times, let her boyfriend to know their own good, a bit more attachment to oneself, all the boys like gentle, to care their own, to such girls are prefer, more love.

2, understand the suffering of the considerate boyfriend:

as a girl, let the boy only love alone, that I was going to do, understand the understanding, to know the boy’s psychological, boys need to understand more considerate care, girls can understand the suffering of the boy’s heart, unable to speak, as girls to boys don’t burden and pressure, can realize the boys’ difficult and tired, so naturally’s boy loves the girl.

3 boys, respect for friends and family:

let others to love oneself, must first learn to respect others, love others, the boy’s face dignity is more important than anything, girls want to know, respect the boys, more respect for his friends and family, especially his parents, parents in the mind of man is not to be hurt, so do the boys would love yourself more, be dead set to oneself.

4, love the family is not embodied capricious:

boy/girlfriend, majority is to get married and love, eager to have a safe, warm home, want a good wife, to share your own burden, even in a relationship, girls also want to know, can’t be too unruly wayward, time grew, who also can’t stand it, don’t say only love oneself, can only slowly to you cold, stay away from you, want the boys to love yourself, only to pay a little more, love him, for him to think.

5, tolerance boy a little problem:

girls heart is bigger, more understand the boy’s a little trouble, such as the boy like to drink little wine at ordinary times, like to brag a little bit, not so exquisite and so on, all these foibles was not a matter of principle, girls should learn to turn a blind eye, don’t too seriously, and the boy seriously not only let the boys don’t change, but the feeling is very boring, tolerant, rather than thank you boys compared to oneself, more respect, love yourself.

6, occupy masters don’t hide things:

boy most afraid of be a girl, in the heart a good face, let the boys, girls will get to feel happy, but time is long, will feel depressed, upset, don’t the boys like to guess the girl’s psychology, as a girl have something worry, boy do the wrong thing, the girl to the initiative, the boys will take the initiative to correct, hidden in the heart to sulk, oneself not happy, the boy is not happy, feeling alienated naturally, not to mention let boys love themselves, will only afraid of himself.

7, specificity is not flower heart:

girls want boys love only, that I was going to be single-minded love boyfriend, oneself can’t do, and how to ask her boyfriend? No one boy will like or love a love oneself, girls still love others, the more don’t say love, only complain and quietly away from anger.

boy version

1, when they love playing

she is eager to you is the mountain, in dribs and drabs things to notice him, for the sake of him, care about her. Girls in love, is very sensitive, afraid you don’t like him every moment of the day, a man to notice this characteristic of women.

2, increased sensitivity to

although the feeling is very good but get done again afraid lose, paranoid, always doubt their own lover. Thinking, like want to east to west, also want to own lover will betray yourself with good friends within easy to sentimental.

3, when really loves smaller

because some small things and you angry, it’s not really angry, I hope you do to coax her, 20 to long time again to coax her, said good, so she would be happy.

4, psychological defense instinct

often hide their original intention with the language, don’t like others to hit the cat. If a man wise, bluntly had a woman’s heart, tend to cause resentment.