She’s going to marry my cheating ex-husband philandering the feelings of men

about people: jiangxi liu

I am jiangxi people, divorce a woman.

elder sister want to marry my ex-husband, revealing the dirty truth should I?

two years ago, I haven’t divorce, at that time, I and husband Chen son just turned 1, c. baby-sitting our home please a distant relatives, to help us with the children.

a nanny is very young, in his early twenties, although looks general, but because the young, is to appear to face water tender.

I have been to Chen is very trust, c. but, for the third month of the nanny in our home, Chen is c. happened relationship with her, lasted for about three months altogether. After this thing is I found, I sent the babysitter, and then puts forward with Chen divorce. C.

I have been adhering to the dirty not in public, what’s more, the little babysitter or share with relatives and friends, also afraid of what others say I don’t even than a nanny, so, with Chen divorces c. didn’t tell anyone.

so, in children less than 2 years of age, I like Chen divorced, c. he insisted on children, so I left him, then quit the local work, went to guangdong with occupation.

this go, is two years.

in the last two years, Chen often shout my sister c. over to help look after my son. My sister is elder unmarried female youth, 31 years old are not married, mainly because of my sister before a period of no results of love affair had delayed her, so, the more drag is older, find the right.

however, Chen think my sister is good, c. and sincerely good to my son, so he took the pursuit of my sister’s state of mind, (at that time, he also knows that with me to remarry hopeless, because he had several phone calls to me, as I mentioned to remarry, but, I at that time, there has been a new relationship, also called Chen who c..)

don’t know how to think of her sister, she agreed.

just two months ago, my mother called to tell me, and said: & other; Your sister is going to marry Chen. C. We hide from you, because your sister don’t let us tell you. Throughout the &;

I was shocked! Hurriedly call my sister, asked her: & other; How do you fill the brain? You marry to Chen, c. how between us? Throughout the &;

however, sister said, Chen is genuinely good to her, c. is going to marry her, and she also think Chen condition c. good, one is the economic condition is good, he has the stable work, two is, anyway, he is the son of my sister’s son, did not think in the way.

& other; I also like him. Throughout the &; My sister told me with sincerity. & other; The older women like me, to marry Chen, c. also good. Throughout the &;

and then, she told me that their marriage has been settled, just three months later.

I’m a little nervous, I thought of Chen and c. messing around little babysitter, mind, and after the elder sister married, didn’t change?

however, elder sister is really like him again. What should I do? I should break up them?

I should tell sister, at the beginning and Chen divorce because Chen made c. c. dirty things?