Shanghai women seeking arrangement “, “rich second generation work in KTV

guide language: arrangement fee $300000 to $500000 a month, so that an online job advertisement for migrant workers to Shanghai be cheat to 50000 yuan. Recently, the reporter learned from Shanghai police that recently detect network with false information fraud, the yangpu police arrested four suspects.

women’s Shanghai & quot; Seeking arrangement & throughout; , rich second generation in the KTV work

, Shanghai police said on October 30, phoeny saw a job AD on a website. Although the advertisement & other; Peripheral & throughout; & other; Kept throughout the &; Words such as ugly, but 300000 yuan to 300000 yuan of wages, or let some cash-strapped phoeny move, she tried to dial the phone in the advertisement. On the phone, a purported & other; Her elder sister & throughout; Woman told phoeny, will introduce & other; Rich second generation & throughout; Spending a huge sum of money kept her, but to accept the interview.

on November 3, pudong new area in Shanghai office, a KTV phoeny met & other; The interviewer & throughout; Her elder sister. So-called interview, just simply ask the phoeny individual situation, but her sister asked phoeny to pay 50000 yuan first & other; Referral fee & throughout; . & other; You paid & lsquo; Referral fee & rsquo; , I’ll arrange & lsquo; Rich second generation & rsquo; To meet with you, someone would pay you 250000 yuan on the spot! Throughout the &; Her elder sister’s commitment to reassure the phoeny, she transfers through the bank on the net on the spot.

three days later, at a KTV, laoshan road phoeny and claim & other; Days throughout the total &; The & other; Rich second generation & throughout; Touch the surface. However, & other; Days throughout the total &; In general, nor her sister boasts luxury car, which makes little chicken born the suspicion. In asking for 250000 yuan & other; Kept fee & throughout; After an inconclusive, phoeny left the scene, and then to the out-flown wujiaochang yangpu public security bureau police station alarm.

after the criminal, the police immediately to carry out the investigation work. After visiting investigation, police found that the so-called & other Days throughout the total &; What is not & other; Rich second generation & throughout; , with the & other; Her elder sister & throughout; Such as per capita is a KTV, release recruitment information on the Internet for false & other; Fishing & throughout; Information.

on November 8, civilian police respectively within a KTV and liuzhou address hotel in the pudong new area, will the criminal suspect mulberry one, some four people arrested. At trial, mulberry and so on 4 people to publish false information on the Internet, collaboration victim confessed. At present, sang a four people have been sentenced to criminal detention according to law, such as the case in the further processing.

police remind the masses of workers to apply for a job on the net to keep clear-headed, keep in mind the three caution: one is careful to distinguish recruitment information, find out recruitment unit’s phone and detailed address; 2 it is wary recruitment trap, for treatment of low threshold high vigilance; 3 it is wary of charging, for various reasons to remain vigilant charge job seekers, and so on and so forth.