Seven methods judge woman true heart

guide language: we always meet this kind of situation, the goddess is neither too hot nor too cold to me, but also often chat with me, sometimes very close, sometimes be apart, what she like me?

7 methods to judge a woman true heart

the first method: the method of cold and hot

you ah, you’re left that girl for a few days, chatting with her, because you know out of this concept, in psychology said human in 42 days can produce a kind of habit, in former days you need to test to see chicken stock jokes will send some sad, and then you and her, if she sent some sunshine positive jokes, congratulations you, at least she had a crush on you.

the second method: freely say like what

you in the front, freely say what you like, after careful observation, if the girl made a change as you like, congratulations, you have to take off a single ~ you now understand that all these things is a kind of test. Cooking such as you said you like of girl, the other results changed or you mean to go. These are a method of testing.

the third method: let your ideas

the girl often ask east asked west, lets you word, congratulations, you have to take off a single ~ women are insecure animals, since they want you to make a decision for them, then there is trust, don’t think the girl so tired, why doesn’t she bother the next king two dogs bother you? Ha ha, contact us to let you learn how to chat with a girl, let you easily grasp the girl’s psychology, through chat communication will she picked up.

the fourth method: binocular relative method

like of the person always speaks between guilty, dare not look into the eyes of each other, if you find her when you talk with your eyes, evasive, congratulations, you’ve been her hunting list ~

the fifth method: chat method

if the girl often find you chat, even though she initially don’t like you, also had the story took place in the future ~ bin brother love is this problem, because communication is to enter a person’s heart, the most effective means of bin brother hard study for many years, finally found the communication skill and method, let you through the chat to know each other, and make her like you.

six methods: touching someone kill

girls the most care about their hair, if you touch her hair, she didn’t show the disgust, congratulations to you ~ but when you learn the ropes must remember don’t screw up each other’s hair. In the case of touch not disorderly down to touch this is also a very effective test.

seventh methods: best friend betray

is very simple, when you come across that she and her girlfriends together, pay attention to look at, if her best friend suddenly to you, to you, and and & other Throughout her &; About the whispers or smile, hey hey, have a story ~