Second marriage a woman the most difficult seven privacy

导语:随着女人自我意识的觉醒,女人不再为了出轨的丈夫屈辱的将就,不再为了暴力的婚姻缄默不言,不再为了孩子而隐忍的过一生,她们勇敢的站起来向命运抗衡,不放弃自我,不认输,勇敢的迈向了离婚。 For women, however, the second marriage is the life of a reshuffle, some happy some cry, second marriage bitter, sweet and sour in the heart. So, second marriage woman heart hide how many secrets and privacy?

second marriage a woman the most difficult seven privacy (canopy image: creative)

, mating, lower their standards to choose the man without confidence.

in youth, youth, women believe that love, confident, willing to desperate to love. Remarried, to see the real appearance of a man, the cruelty of reality, for your own life is full of doubt and disappointment, no fight, no confidence, even feel inferior than others, do not deserve happiness, in order to get married and get married, when second marriage so lower their standards. Woman, from the beginning you disdain for men, and will not be able to do all the year round.

2, fall in love, suspected man personality has not married.

to fall in love again, for the feelings development process has good without mystery, without passion, even began to doubt to a man’s character. A lot of women by the shadows of the divorce, at that time can’t out of the shadow, in a relationship will continue during the period of questioning each other’s personality, for there will be fear marriage. Would you like to fall in love with each other, but again afraid of marriage, afraid of the other party is not worthy of his life.

three, cohabitation, worry about second marriage men care bed.

decided to deep development step with each other, but began to feel that you are less than perfect, very not confident to yourself, worry about body shape will be abandon, and worry about each other to care about their sexual performance, worried about each other mind is a divorced woman. Love too worried, carefully. Actually, women don’t need so worry, a man who really loves you will feel you are filled with feminine flavour and charm, because the eyes of the beholder.

4, pregnancy, panic wore men care about pregnancy history.

in order to consolidate the marriage after her marriage, many men will be offered to children, but some women at first marriage, because a little don’t understand cherish oneself body for her pregnancy a few times, so the second marriage, they have a lot of worry: if he can bear? Are women, also suitable for children? Whether he will care about their history of pregnancy? No matter what, the woman you have to learn to love yourself, because it is to let you have a happy capital.

5, Eva, afraid of Eva wore men not painful.

a lot of women in divorce for the custody of the children, to children follow mama live together, but when the second marriage but worry that they wore her husband would not love their own children. In the process of second marriage pregnant women worry most about their children will be marginalised, suffers bestow favor on, pregnancy abnormal pressure will be bigger. In cannot guarantee wore her husband whether can do it like you love your children, the only thing you can do is consistent to love your children, let him feel your happiness and love.

after six, Eva, worried about the escalating conflict between the old woman.

second marriage of marriage, the woman worried about her mother-in-law couldn’t really accept himself. Because in front of you already have a wife, mother-in-law will compare you with her. If you’re better than her, her mother-in-law may a little relieved. If not, then the relationship between the old woman daughter-in-law may be harder to deal with, for her old hatred may accumulate together out on you. Remember that dealing with old woman daughter-in-law relation must keep in mind that 16 words: distance, few words not language, respect each other, the only game in town.

seven, living, frightened her husband and his ex-wife to try.

when the flash marriage, some women in second marriage lead to emotional development too fast, failing to understand the cause of the second marriage husband divorce from his wife, found that they try to make a lot of women after marriage breakdown. Moreover if he and his ex-wife has children, so they may never broken relationship. Second marriage woman is very easy to lack of security, always worry about the feelings of the husband and his ex-wife resurgence. So, the second marriage man if you cherish your second marriage wife, give her enough sense of security, please as soon as possible for her indomitable spirit like a mountain.