Rural daughter-in-law thrown up, have such secrets behind it

during the Spring Festival, many rural areas in our country and other Phase affectionate & throughout; . & other; Xinhua viewpoint & throughout; Reporter in rural shandong, hubei, anhui and other places, the survey found rural older young men marry difficult problems.

some rural areas appear during the Spring Festival & other; Phase affectionate & throughout; , is it so hard to find a daughter-in-law is what?

there are young women Spring Festival day see five blind date

31 people in buried hill county, anhui province Chen ling a large logistics company in nanjing, back to the countryside during the Spring Festival holiday. Only till the third day, the family gave him arranged two times blind dates. 7th day, he went to neighboring county to meet a girl who relatives introduced.

shandong linyi city hedong district women li qin thought for the villagers around often, usually a year can promote several pile, but during the Chinese New Year, she help organize mutually close, at least twice every day & other; Work of young people come back & throughout; .

li qin said that girl is becoming more and more & other; Hot & throughout; . & other; The Spring Festival this year, the village has a job in suzhou liu xiao, condition is good, only the third day, 25, she saw five dating young men. Throughout the &;

reporter survey found that young women become & other; Hot & throughout; Behind, it is a lot of local rural school-age young men to get married. In a village of more than 2000 people in buried hill county, anhui province, village officials told reporters that unmarried men over the age of 30 and 50 people.

the problem is more outstanding in poor areas. A poor mountain village of 2000 people in the south of hubei, older married difficult villagers more than 190 people. The village LaoDing has two sons, working outside, not married. & other; Now little son has more than 40 years old, before can also when the door son-in-law, now more difficult to find the object. Throughout the &; LaoDing said.

in some rural areas, there are even using the young men to marry difficult to commit fraud cases. Qianshan county of anhui province public security bureau relevant controller introduces, local abort a marriage fraud gang last year. The gang took advantage of some rural elderly mental commit fraud single young men are eager to get married. & other; Pretend to mutually close, took a fancy to a man after the woman said. Arrange associates play the woman’s parents, brothers and sisters, friends, such as the matchmaker role, go to the groom’s home, engagement, let men give a red envelope, to defraud. Throughout the &;

difficult marriage behind: CAI li heavy flow, less men more than women, life

reporter survey found that there are many reasons behind the rural young man married is difficult:

& ndash; & ndash; In some places the dowry. In rural shandong, anhui and other places, are still prevalent & other; Move & throughout; & other; Full a green & throughout; The bride. The so-called & other; Move & throughout; Is the car a 100000 yuan of above, & other; Fixed & throughout; Is in the city has a house; The so-called & other; The purple & throughout; & other; Red & throughout; & other; Green & throughout; Is the color of the yuan, 5 yuan 10000, 1000 copies of some 50 yuan and 1000 yuan, down more than 150000 yuan.

& other; Now the village girl selected objects, CAI li start at up to 100000 yuan commonly, some still require cars, the city has a room in the home, ordinary peasant family hard to burden. Throughout the &; Hubei enshi “xintang town trail village villagers Ma Biao said.

a hotel in shenzhen to work in shandong jining jinxiang young men li wei, is 34 years old this year. The year before last, he came home during the Spring Festival with a girl in the town of blind date, both sides feel good. But the woman home asked out & other; Throughout ninety-nine thousand &; The bride price money 99000 yuan. & other; Home just spend more than ten thousand yuan to build a second floor, father is ill and spent a lot of money, definitely cannot take out into. Throughout the &; Mr Li said.

& ndash; & ndash; In the past preference & other; Sequela & throughout; . , according to the national bureau of statistics data released at the end of 2017, China’s total population sex ratio of 104.81, 32.66 million more men than women. Reporters of buried hill in anhui, shandong jinxiang, villages and the number of young men were more than school-age female school-age youth.

jinxiang, a village officials said local son to breed the concept of a past life is very strong. Now, especially after 80 s generation, young men a lot more than the number of young women.

& ndash; & ndash; The flow of migrant workers find object difficult and marriage life lead to instability. Li wei said that in recent years more work such as shenzhen, zhuhai and not fixed. & other; Certainly can’t afford to buy a house in shenzhen, it is hard to get married in the local. Meet to find objects can only come home, but time is short, a year in the outside also don’t have much contact, so still single. Throughout the &;

even if married, gave birth to the baby, if you marry a foreign brides, also still & other; No insurance & throughout; . Southern hubei rural villagers Zhou Wang married for 12 years, 34 years old with three children. Four years ago, the wife went back to hunan maiden didn’t come back again. Zhou Wang’s village party secretary said, some villagers working outside family, spouses flee back repeatedly happened. Village has 45 single men, leaving a spouse accounted for more than twenty percent of the whole village bachelor.

break the dowry overweight habit, focus on population flow of new topic

extravagance and married to explode some rural areas, the dowry is overweight, some places to delimit the dowry & other; The red line & throughout; . Gold-sun such as sichuan, shandong, henan, juye is more, such as drew & other; Guidelines for the bride & throughout; To limit & other; High price & throughout; , reduce the financial burden on the countryside bride price.

there are experts, cracking problem parts of the current rural men got married, should give play to the role of women’s federation, communist youth league and other social organizations, master elder unmarried youth information, through the marriage bureau, network information platform, such as the carrier, in between ZhenXiang, schiscosomiasis friends fellowship, increase the chance of older youth exchange each other.

in early February, flowers through jointly by hunan province committee of communist youth league’s blind date activities held by the county party committee propaganda department and other units jointly, in the flower through county ssangyong town 18 village in open hole. Nearly a single men and women guests came to the scene, take an active part in & other A ratio just & throughout; & other; A group date & throughout; Such as series of activities.

in addition, experts say, with current population flow speed, the traditional clan acquaintances society after being broken, cities of rural female school-age & other; Siphon & throughout; The effect is more and more prominent.

the sociology department of wuhan university professor xue-feng he in dabie mountain area, mountainous area, the survey found traditional intermarriage circle after the break, a large number of entering the marriage age of women go out to study, work, living environment and quality of life improved. Migrant workers formed cross-regional marriage unstable situation increasingly common.

xue-feng he and other experts said that the problems of the rural youth dating or behind the economic and social development. Raising farmers’ income, the balance of coordinated regional development is very important. In addition, in the process of urbanization, gradually improve public services for migrant workers, in order to establish the marriage and family to create the conditions in the town.