Reality demonstration: learn the four sessions to flirt

guide language: & other; If you don’t Dally with women, she said you are not a man; If you Dally with her, she said you are not a gentleman. Throughout the &; Zhang ailing on today, you can understand so, everyone love to be a kind of ambiguous affinity. Flirting is a light way of life, in the reality of too heavy for a free piece of heaven and earth. Flirting, then, what are the good style? & have spent

real demonstration four flirting entrance canopy (image: creative) and

1, quickly establish friendly feeling

& other; In the company parking garage, blunt I take car man made a face, he went away. Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; Small white, 23 years old, fashion editor

& other; In the elevator, touch technology xiao wu, immediately pegged said: your hairstyle handsome than Daniel wu. Make him happy, a day to my computer problem done quickly. Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; Amy, 30 years old, director of sales department in foreign company

note: moderate & other; Flirting & throughout; Can let you become popular characters in the workplace, flirt doesn’t mean you have beyond the workplace relationships between intimate contact, it is the lubricant of human relations.

2, change passive to active

& other; Talk about business when a stereotype of female customers, meticulously, turning the contract atmosphere almost frozen. I think once said to her, when you really into, but smile looks more beautiful than when work in earnest. Her expression softened a lot. Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; Qin lu, 35, a sales manager

& other; Meet new friends on the dining table, I stepped out his phone and said: you want to see the photo of my weekend to go skiing? I’m pretty good at teach skiing, when can we go together? Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; Zhang Jing, 21 years old, student

note: flirting is a human art, it is soft, avoid the communications bring in straight line way too hard and lost his room for manoeuvre.