Read a woman’s 10 kinds of desire

you girls are very independent, very self? They are outside the women in the population, strong will, even if there is no love also can realize self-worth, but this does not mean that they are not the feelings of the robot:

independent girl inner 10 kinds of desire

I hope someone can try some of my craft

to buy good food, to cook, especially in the plate up and down, everything perfect, but no one to share, in addition to the circle of friends look at the others thumb up, everything seems to be a bit pointless. If often such, have to admit that the heart will still be some lost, especially when you’re cooking than senior restaurant is good, so looking for someone to share the joy!

I’m looking forward to surprise, can deeply touched my surprise

do you think women like everything is under control? Even all girls are the same, are quietly looking forward to surprise in the deep heart’s core, not the kind of romantic surprises in the soap opera, but life’s little things, for example was taken to a special restaurant, received a book he like accord, lonely night a cup of hot chocolate, it’s as simple as that.

I want to wake up with a personal and I say good morning

work, colleagues will say good morning to each other, but who will want to wake up in the sweet greeting. It is a little thing, but also than wake up alone, the struggle for half a day just wake up feeling much better. Of course, we also hope that every day can say good morning with around people, can be in the mind looking forward to the others when they wake up the first person you meet, is also very happy thing.

if someone can hold me to sleep, it is so good that

no matter how strong and independent, the usual performance will surely no woman don’t want to have each other’s arms to sleep in the evening? The company not only has brought a sense of security, make you feel a home to return to, but also a spiritual comfort.

I hope someone can help me share

women could easily be misinterpreted as & other With one hand hold up one day & throughout; And no one to help. No matter how strong she is a woman of man, whether it is work or side, they still hope to have someone to help me to share the. Again independent person also can have dependencies, at least they know they can depend on other people’s choice, rather than always are on their own.

in the emotional, I hope someone to need me, trust me

single because of independence, they often become friends when in trouble talking object, in fact, they enjoy this feeling was certainly, trusted, although not yet met always desire, the other half of that and they need each other. In helping others, we can feel that is a trust and rely on each other, this is a feeling of happiness.

I miss the feeling of love a person

independent girl, a person can also have a very good, but does not mean that we will always choose a person lead. We will miss the sort of deeply in love with a person’s feeling, that feeling each other lingering in my mind, although not necessarily completely sweet, but a person for a long time, but we still really eager to relive again.

I hope that we can no longer asked me why I still single

I’m single the impact on you? Why people always ask. There are several reasons for single, either way, the question is usually very illicit is close, and I don’t think I need to explain anything to others. Too personal, you will be not talkative.

I want an outsider problem don’t worry about my love

single is not a life big stain, why do you worry about my question? For independent girl, is not hard to find a mate, but found to be the other half of the soul mate and complementary to each other, but it’s not easy. I’d like nothing more, until a suitable for the man was I found that I don’t try so hard, you also need not worry.

I hope the man appeared earlier, I will be well worth the wait

yes, believe in love, we firmly believe that there must be people in this world for me, his presence will prove my waiting, I insist nothing more is worth it. To keep in confidence and yearning for a better life.