Quasi mother-in-law to add these words from his WeChat man collapsed

& other; You should pay attention to eat well, work so busy at ordinary times, should pay attention to the body. Throughout the &;

& other; Sometimes, boys learn to initiative. Throughout the &;

& other; Our family on this side of yellow pounds, free remember to drop in our house. Throughout the &;

these words, if it is a concern from dating girls, Zhou Heng (a pseudonym) will feel very warm heart, and now he has some meng & ndash; & ndash; These words are from blind date mother ms van.

Zhou Heng said, yourself and mutually close the object be mother said more than blind date I: & other; what the hell am I in and which date? & have spent Throughout the &;

29, the report caused Internet users a heated discussion. The thing is & ndash; & ndash;

a business unit of work in chongqing Zhou Heng, 25 years old, height 1 meter 75. Last month, his aunt a girl XiaoXiao, for he said to each other is a middle school English teacher, and his age, hope you can add a WeChat, get to know each other.

so Zhou Heng added XiaoXiao micro letter, Zhou Heng received a new friend request, the other side of the additional message & other; XiaoXiao mom, please by & throughout; .

Zhou Heng helpless to mutually close the object be mother

dating girls & other; Mystery of cold & throughout;

talking to her mother more

with micro letter friends since half month, Zhou Heng found that their and the number of XiaoXiao mother chat, far more than real mutually close the object be XiaoXiao & have spent & other; Morning, I was at work, occasionally received XiaoXiao mother remember to eat, remember to add clothes. Throughout the &;

but to XiaoXiao Zhou Heng described as & other; Mystery of cold & throughout; .

Zhou Heng give her hair information, XiaoXiao always quick reply until evening, said he corrects students’ papers, sometimes simply say that they keep on night lessons, Zhou Heng reply until the next day.

under the other mother’s comfort, Zhou Heng had to crustily skin of head with XiaoXiao continue to keep in touch, but only limited to greet every day, said much, XiaoXiao say oneself to be sleepy, to sleep early. XiaoXiao mother asked yourself and daughter get along with any details, Zhou Heng really feel too difficult to answer.

about girls after the meal still cold

girl mother encouraged the boy super embarrassing

but in XiaoXiao mother’s urging, Zhou Heng or summon up courage, about XiaoXiao in a western restaurant to eat. Last week, after two people meet, in addition to simple greetings, Zhou Heng feel, there is no feeling to this girl, XiaoXiao to oneself also as cold as before & have spent .

after meeting, XiaoXiao mother asked how you feel, Zhou Heng said just feel XiaoXiao no affection to himself, instead of XiaoXiao mother encouraged him: & other; our daughter at ordinary times is such, you must be more concerned about her, let her unload atrium. & have spent Throughout the &; XiaoXiao mother Zhou Heng feel totally speechless.

meet for more than a week, Zhou Heng and XiaoXiao all didn’t continue to talk, but XiaoXiao mom let Zhou Heng & other; Make persistent efforts throughout the &; Make him feel really embarrassed.

& other; After meeting, I talk to that girl less than before, and sorry to delete each other. But her mother every day and I said this, I really don’t know what to do. Throughout the &;

after the interview, according to Zhou Heng provide telephone number, press to Zhou Heng cousin’s identity and contact ms van, ask her opinion of Zhou Heng and daughter.

ms fei’s voice is very kind: & other; I really like him (Zhou Heng) this young man, look very honest, work is also very secure. Two children there may be some introverted, temporarily haven’t sparks. Throughout the &;

fei said ms hope it Zhou Heng & have spent , also told reporters that his family is very good, also give daughter prepared a garage, let Zhou Heng add come on, don’t have pressure & have spent .

to this, some netizens think that the man is not active

should not be only on WeChat full chat

should ask a girl out


someone at

clear the woman didn’t have a crush on him


it is suggested that the man

there is no need to waste time

without appropriate & other; The next & throughout;