Promotion PK two stuck me

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I am the loyal readers of the journal about space, almost each issue. The first two issue of workplace bones jing project, let me feel very deep & ndash; & ndash; Compared with the two sisters, my happiness is much more fortunate & ndash; & ndash; My son is in primary school in the second grade, the relationship with her husband and mother-in-law is harmonious. And, more importantly, also sat down in a certain position in the company, is to realize your worth.

promotion PK two stuck I

but happiness is fleeting, I know this for a fact. My family look happy, actually also contains a lot of risks, the biggest hidden danger is: do you want to have two children.

you are bad?

having the boss at the time, I will swear no longer suffer. Hospital originally scheduled I natural birth, the whole production process tortured for several hours, finally decided to cesarean section, was two times of sin, so to speak. Little boy born skin, is somewhat lawless, put the child up for these years, our family don’t know how much effort.

parents, no one can calculate the bill. Mom, in particular, to say the collapsed with can’t stand it anymore, but as long as heard the child crying, immediately is a tingle, a step blunt past. Look at children, dad also beside the dozen shout?

I was thinking about the child wholeheartedly zone. To tell the truth I work also pretty busy, children dad don’t count, only let both sides more than old man for help. But I think having children is the responsibility of both of us, if the old man pushed the problem to both sides, also pretty big negative.

is with this sense of guilt, I try to compress the working hours, improve work efficiency. Of course, I also did a long time back mother milk, even with not severe postpartum depression, assigned department colleagues at the meeting. After becoming a mother, and my personal time becomes poor, and girlfriends party opportunity has been negligible. Because of work, I have to care about their own image, at least every month so I will be out for half a day time went to the store to buy some clothes. Go shopping for me is to enjoy the original, now is a have to go to the task.

fun so much, but my complaint or regret. I feel my life has more meaning & ndash; & ndash; I no longer live for themselves, my parents, lovers, friends, because a small life, be series more closely and harmonious. My efforts, is no longer a pure in order to realize their own value, because the little life, and become a model of incentive & ndash; & ndash; I want to be a son’s spiritual leader, make him proud of my mother at an early age.

so never give up your career?

others always said, you have children of woman, family is hard to juggle career. I admit that, on the distribution of energy, is a particularly difficult choices and test. But no matter how hard, I never want to give up his job because of the mothers & ndash; & ndash; The job is my entry has been taken care of business. I come up here, opened the field of vision.

I selected from selected role, became the have some voice, and give a lot of young people space to grow up. Standing in the point of view, this is not a kind of the attitude of parents & ndash; & ndash; I always remember my guide into the lines of the predecessors, she told me, your work is one of the world’s most fair deal. You reap what you sow, you reap what you sow.

I’m very confident, have the ability to juggle career and family. Even to some extent, the reason why I think her husband like me, also because I am a professional women. We met in graduate school, as on-the-job graduate student, we are all in this city that those who hope to make progress. Our topic, not so polite, but there must be some common workplace experience, let we got the message. It is under the identity of this, I more cling to not give up his career. Since

are you planning to be so smoothly that why also hidden crisis?

two years ago a accidental chance, the husband suddenly and I talked about the topic of a second child. Friends, over the years the conditional all want a second child, both in the circle of friends and party occasions, always reluctant to see their face, but the appearance of the inner joy.

husband ask me at that time, we also have a daughter? I thought he was rejected, but immediately let husband’s change the subject. But deep inside, still eager to have a little life, in my world.

a lot of a two-child family, is said to have children in order to give the boss looking for a partner, don’t let them too lonely. To be honest, I do think had two children, husband and wife relationship in fact will be more harmonious. I was an only child, the parents gave birth to I went to do your own work, I was brought up by grandparents. I am eager to partner, but becoming a mother, I also feel, as my parents, they also lost a lot of actually interact with your children happy. Happiness

this is the world’s highest pleasure & ndash; & ndash; A little life, breaking out from my belly grew up slowly, bit by bit to hang on the face the joys and sorrows, until the first shout mom dad & hellip; & hellip; In my opinion, when my mother is also a very important lesson, also should have planning and the dedication to work.

so you start with?

I did plan & ndash; & ndash; If now pregnant, to the middle child is born, it will take at least two years of time. This two years, I can not do too much work, especially cannot bear too much stress. Pregnancy and production stage, I work to pause, to transition, almost in a state of the lockout.

is it worth it? I had to play such a question mark. Lin biao as a mother, of course I can, to does not conform to the social values of pointing the finger actions or judge, but as a person, has certain enterprise foundation for career women, in particular, I can’t so arbitrary, I have to listen to your heart.

I love children, can give everything for them; But my career, also is my baby. I think of the days work overtime, when just hired under wear galoshes site on-the-spot investigation, and the competition team the day of the dead to tie up lousy dozen of beng in such a sweat. These experiences, deep-rooted, I do not also can’t forget, without these, the ability to change don’t come to me now and position, also can not get the respect of the leaders and colleagues.

and, more importantly, if I put down, completely responsible for my team really? Best friend said to me, you don’t take yourself think so important, who left who can live in this world. The reality also education I, the embodiment of the sense of responsibility, is to keep his promise, all things as do your own thing.

especially when the director, my department got the good development, but the industry is low. I can be home recovering from childbirth, but I for the job, the company is a feeling, I also have the ability to take on more responsibility, lead everyone to face the challenge, overcome the crisis. This is my opportunity, also is my mission.

impressed by your sense of responsibility. Can achieve great things, have to sacrifice some of the ego.

I’m a woman. The social position of women is still very thin. She is independent, to make money, also want to the right age to marry children, take care of in-laws, return to family life. Women in the workplace and rise space is more and more narrow. Has the dedication to work, will be set to gentleness, to go through fire and water to return to the family, often independent consciousness is considered to be lost again, into a family of parasites.

to be honest, who will do the attachment? If one day, a man can have a baby, I’ll be the first to celebrate.