Prince harry is going to marry 36 divorce with her, exactly is why?

guide language: on Nov. 27, so-called & other; Europe’s most valuable bachelor & throughout; Prince harry announced with 36 year old African American actress Meg han & middot; Markel engagement, and decided on the wedding day next spring.

prince harry and quasi Wang Feimei root

on November 27, local time, the British royal announced prince harry and 36 year old African American actress Meg han & middot; Markel engagement, and decided on the wedding day next spring. In July 2016, prince harry met megan friend introduced in London, low-key appointment a few months later, two people was exposed by the media. From understanding to now also is a total of one and a half years time is quickly are engaged.

is the fifth in line to the throne, prince harry has long been known as & other; Europe’s most valuable bachelor & throughout; . Could not let the world care about many singles, but prince harry’s personal life has been. Ever had a one night stand to play out of the fire, let a 19-year-old woman pregnant, even going to marry each other, but by grandmother queen firmly opposed. Now finally said goodbye to the past, dazed and confused and megan engagement was very happy, the queen and prince Philip said & other; Hope they can happiness & throughout; .

the first public relationship, the edifice of public opinion, not only because the British royal family in megan and impression blond couples, megan, and ended in 2013 with her ex-husband marriage with a doll. But prince harry first by Britain’s royal family issued a statement, hope you rational treatment. And directly with his girlfriend to see the family. Eldest sister-in-law Kate princess is said to have been very much looking forward to meet the new future princess, after meeting is arranged in the prince harry, said very fond of her. Have denounced the evil for megan and harassment, and claims that are very worried about her safety.

megan was born poor, 36 years old this year, 3 years older than harry and his mother is a black American, father is Dutch Irish. Graduated from northwestern university, she got a degree in international studies, which had worked as an intern in the United States embassy in Buenos Aires. Side in the drama study, also in some episodes and start playing soy sauce, had founded the fashion website. Let the audience familiar with her when the TV drama “gold bar” of Rachel, but also because the show nearly nude in the large scale performance, also let megan by many in public after review.

the princess-in-waiting and have been intimidated by public opinion again, & other; About everything I have no change, I still that I, I wouldn’t use a relationship to define myself. Throughout the &; On 10 on the cover of the issue of vanity fair, megan speak for themselves, for the first time is also the first high-profile talking about with the affection between prince harry & other; We are a couple, we falls in love. I’m quite sure that there will be a moment like that, we would have to represent us, tell our story. But I hope people will understand that it is to belong to our time, just about us. Throughout the &;

is about to become Britain’s new princess megan though it’s not reasonable to continue her blogger, has shut down their own fashion website, also reduced the pavement in all kinds of activities. But charity should continue, because she and prince harry is met in a charity event in Toronto. Prince harry from early love to play unruly & other; The second prince & throughout; , grow up to now the royal family in a most eager to public welfare. Returning from the front (he had been serving in Afghanistan, fighting the taliban forces) is dedicated to ecological protection, support of refugee children, founded Invictus Games unbeaten Games (brave) of the royal family, benchmarking as inherited from the mother, princess Diana’s brother and sister-in-law charitable spirit, has been committed to philanthropy.

princess-in-waiting independent and aspirant, love life will dress up, love sports also don’t forget to offer the compassion, so fit two people nature can break the traditional stereotype of the British royal family, get everybody’s blessing. Imagine the next spring’s wedding, must be a fantastic and beautiful.