Pay attention to neglected heterosexual love signals

guide language: for both men and women, there are always make their admiration of the opposite sex, or how much affection, revealed in his bones or can hear a few words of ambiguous language, this suggests that the other party has had a good to yourself, this is want to get the attention of your signal.

beware of neglected heterosexual love signal

however, sometimes, on one side is not received clear signal or give the premise of clear, the other party has to use all kinds of oral language or body language to express their affection.

1, when you find a heterosexual friends often around you or in various ways to get your attention, or make you can see his shadow, shows that he is trying to hope to make you notice his presence.

2, a heterosexual if in your daily work, study and life situation did not unusual, even for your hobbies and interests also special inductive interest, and can be charting involving you.

3, if there is a heterosexual friends can often blurted out your things, or is happy to give you speak to parents, relatives, friends, and even his colleague students to listen to, will face overwhelming when a conscious about your smile.

4, for you have a good impression of the opposite sex will be particularly concerned about on your side of any members of the opposite sex friends and colleagues, and try to contact and understand them, trying to figure out what is the relationship with you, even show the special envy.

5, and you alone together language frivolous, for example, if you to me is true, then I can do anything for you, or said I could sit beside you? In plain English is want to and you the opportunity to enjoy the solitude.

6, when to introduce others to you, tend to exaggerate your advantages and strengths, or never mentions your shortcomings and deficiencies, and sometimes, even your shortcomings as advantages make public, everywhere in the shock of others still will relish.

7, there is always an excuse or send you small gifts, flowers for your birthday and special hobby remember, and in that day will often create a romantic surprise for you, or create a festive atmosphere, even traveling will remember sending text messages to you.

8, especially like to see your photo album and photo, concerned about photo album and photo and your every age of the opposite sex friend with you, and will give me some puzzling even strange question I hope you can answer.

9, in his own work, study, or encounter some frustration or failure in life, always take the initiative to talk to you, even some very privacy issues will also be telling you that, and attaches great importance to care about your opinions and Suggestions.

10, for the opposite sex, the other party put forward such as general can’t refuse to kiss or hug, even will actively cooperate with. Even if is a copy of the request, even if you don’t promise, will take care of each other’s face, as far as possible to avoid each other angry or embarrassed.

of course, real life may have a lot of love between opposite sex signal, the launch of the signal is strong enough, if the penetration is enough big, can let the other side feel your love and sincerity, the nature will all follow. The problem is that the vast majority of people fall in love sometimes really because of the shame dare not directly express their love and courage, and they were afraid to be refused, let oneself embarrassment, and they were afraid to say the later did not even have to do a friend, even after is not easy to meet. So, when you have love in can receive the other signal, if you like each other also don’t torture him, have a heart to give him a clear response.