“Our love” these three communication taboo to make a marriage

after JinDong starred in “my first half” and a reflection of social reality TV show “our love” greeted our eyes, may temporarily not as fire first half, but I have seen the beginning, suddenly feel empathy, original marriage there are so many mistakes because of don’t understand the communication, the point is, there is no turning back some wrong can go. DetailPic

the three communication taboo to make a marriage unfortunately

trust and distrust

snow is like one is always on the verge of suspicion and bomb will explode at any time, so guang-ming xu to fear the unnecessary misunderstanding, so choose to hide, and the results?

& other; Guilty! Throughout the &;

& other; Liar! Big liar! Throughout the &;

then the man’s response and the same in daily life, guang-ming xu can only helplessly say:

& other; Unreasonable! Throughout the &;

this woman even be Fried by point, it is the fault of man, you said I am unreasonable, is that you really changed!

& other; You are a little three! Throughout the &;

watched TV all know, is indeed someone admire guang-ming xu, but she is still not small three absolutely.

this time I thought, at the beginning of love, the two men also such distrust?

isn’t marriage went ten years, it becomes so suspicious?

apparently, not absolute, but it is not a few problems of the family.

most of the families have this problem.

because has lost the most important between each other & other; Trust & throughout; .

for each other do not know how to properly & other; Communication & throughout; . And outside


see snow call impassability guang-ming xu, rushed to the unit directly to find him, clearly see the other side of the phone in the office on their desks without, also run in the hall hysterical Shouting each other’s name.

more exaggerated, guang-ming xu, she want to go to a more private environment for conversation, she still Shouting & other Liar, liar! Throughout the &;

she did not think at all, this is the husband of their livelihood from the work unit, also is the source of the food on the hair to her so many years, and things are not clear before, as for all occasions so?

this also calculate, unexpectedly still pull each other’s leadership to ask somebody else know not to know what the school district room, in fact, this itself is in a grey zone disguised trade, has been so publicly, it seems really have no fear about the existence of marriage.

this is outside, ignoring the occasion, ignoring the dignity, ignoring the privacy, and self guess for a start, this is definitely a communication faux pas, especially the marital communication faux pas.

does not speak well, get grumpy, husband, estimates from divorce, first not family violence are possible!

several couples two communication problems at home, no matter whether the daughter beside, don’t care whether or not his mother beside, as always capricious, loudly, it doesn’t matter roared out of the content is suitable daughter know and need to know whether your mother-in-law.

this is in the home, ignore others around, also ignore the privacy, ignored the influence, and in addition to the Shouting, don’t listen to any explanation.

success is the success of the role play of life, obviously, the vast majority of people is not very successful.

the mother and daughter

a strange thing is that snow’s mother in looks but daughter convinced the behavior of education, said is rational.

can not help but want to ask, as your mother, why go early?

all her daughter to form this attribute, you just know to education, go before the time? Is it pick up back?

the more terrible is that mother education daughter, daughter shouted at his mother & other; I don’t thing you tube! Throughout the &;

Emma, that you are comfortable life of leisure, your mother is hard to help you raise your daughter, why didn’t you and your mom said & other; I don’t thing you tube! Throughout the &; ?

strange family education, it is not just a drama, in reality, especially after 80, 90, this generation of singleton female, especially!

when needed, parents should be, don’t need, parents is redundant!

this is how god logic!

family in such a way to communicate, you look familiar?

the parents and children communication, and problems existing in many family!

although not fully agreed with & other; Don’t listen to the old man said, suffer in front & throughout; But & other; Often listen to the old man, a few mistakes demeanor throughout the &; Always right!

three communication faux pas

1, communication, avoid by all means is hysterical, yelling, not solve any problem;

2, communication, any occasion all don’t talk, everyone said in;

3, communication, do not respect each other.

thinking carefully, if you want to marriage, the family is more happiness, don’t make the three big fear!

this article reprinted from: wind number: she must not be