Only three steps easily get the woman

guide language: for single young men and women, in the boundless huge crowd met is predestined friends the human is a very pleasure. So when you clear the right object, how to love offensive?

easily calm woman just step 3

the first step: the early stage of the intelligence work

1. After you meet, the first thing you should do is the following a few important intelligence, this matter after the first step to love trilogy, is very important.

2. Single or not

if you are not found in the heart by way of dating that he (she) must then be prepared to this step, the principle of the step. First of all, by all means to know whether he (she) single, if the person has to RenFu (woman), you still find another others; If the person is already taken, please look before you leap, as the saying goes, a gentleman kindly, do not deprive a person well.

3. Personal information

by various methods to understand each other some personal information such as name, mobile phone, qq number, work unit, only understand the most basic information can you do for the second step of love.

4. Side watches

if possible, also must try to know each other’s friends, colleagues, and even relatives and other related information to them to understand each other, and be your assistant, if you can do so, your chasing love offensive conduct.

step 2: let each other know your mind

1. After the first step of intelligence work, we will be the second step, profession. This step is crucial stage love trilogy, is also key.

2. Manufacturing meets

when you found out the some of the information, you can use various methods to show that your mind. Can make each other feel by means of encounters you for him (her) heart.

3. Frequent flowers

deliver flowers to each other’s work unit said love is the commonly used gimmick to express love, but also one of the ways in which the other party is willing to accept. Implicit technique can not write down your name but you need to write your message, to make them understand that flowers is a man who loves his one person to send but will also have been sent, at the same time also let the people understand each other units, has been started chasing her.

4. Direct expression

after the above steps, if the other party not rejected you, the time is ripe. You can dial the phone to each other or use QQ expression of love to you, of course, if you have a good literary talent, you can write a love letter, in this romantic way hope each other can together with you to enter the journey of love.

step 3: love always offensive

1. Date

after the other to accept your love, you can start to date, through eat together, drink coffee, go shopping shopping, parks, movies, KTV, and a series of activities to increase awareness and goodwill on both sides, have reached further contact and understanding. Of course during these activities to reflect your advantages to attract each other. Party


after the time is right, can be in with a friend or classmate party with each other and make each other feel you really care about him (her), has been recognized each other as part of their own, with his (her), it is also a very important step. , of course, if the other party also take you out in the party, that the other party has also been recognized you. Travel


in order to deepen each other’s feelings, you can properly arrange ZhongDuanTu travel activities. After all, travel can be found in the process of the advantages and disadvantages of some usual can not understand. Through a travel can let both sides better understanding of how their some life habits. If you travel through many times the relationship by leaps and bounds, then can visit both of your parents, the following things need not I say more.