Never imagined! These actions will make a man want to

the men and women, the most important thing is to grasp a degree. For women, scale grasp is not good, it is easy to let the other side misunderstanding, will even produce some very vague idea for men. Man although personality is extensive, but in the face of a woman, often crude and refined, from women’s mannerisms, he would grab to some details. And it is precisely these details, often can produce all kinds of illusion, let a man so that the reflections.

never imagined! These actions will let man disorderly want to

1, just play the woman in front of the opposite sex hair dia

or hair dia, usually occurs between the couple, between husband and wife, or between father and daughter. If women to their male colleagues, or the opposite sex friend hair dia, occasionally once or twice a nothing important also, they will think you are very cute. But the number is much, can be mistaken for a man on his, think you want to and what happened to him. Once a man to a woman had a strange idea, the in the mind of the large fluctuation, it is not generally, is not ambiguous.

and so if let the other know, it is easy to cause the other party with vinegar. After all, this is to belong to his right? At this time, you will be dismissed? Be careful, the situation will further upgrade.

2, show the inappropriate care

what to do is keep distance, cross a line and let the other side has other ideas. Some women are warm, not only focus on men’s interests and hobbies, also to the men’s clothing, food and changes in temperature, heat up and sometimes men just can’t hold it. Some male suddenly cold have a fever, for example, a woman can remind to take medicine on time, but if you are not only for him to buy the medicine, but also put the medicine and water in his hand, looked at him with soft tenderness to swallow, and from time to time be caring and attentive, the man’s idea will be more. You remind him to buy medicine, he will appreciate you are a good woman, but you take medicine to serve him, and took good care of the man’s heart is not only appreciate, he will therefore produce other ideas.

3, always complain about how the other half in front of the other men

there are conflicts or arguments between two people is very normal, but some women often hide things in your hearts, but I have some things to say, some things can’t literally said. To life, it happened that some women can not control the mood, in front of the other men, not criticizing the husband or boyfriend, complain about each other it is bad that is not good, and the man in front of them even than. In fact, speaker unintentionally, but the listener interested. The more you talk, the more the idea of a man. The more you get a husband or boyfriend to demote, the more a man feels. A lot of woman is out of the wall, and a mouth not the door, there is a lot of associations.

4, and like to kid around and men

some women is more vivid, not only love to men in drill, and like to joke about something no three no four. Sometimes a mouth, a hun segment son came out, paragraphs and carrots that something men and women. Some women like and cute guys take & other; Open building & throughout; & other; Rolled sheets & throughout; Poke fun at, or from time to time with men gaudy, or verbal ambiguity on the wine table, and a man drinking wedlock wine. Man is not a stone, a woman so bold and open, if they don’t have a little other ideas, that means there is something wrong with the physical.

5, like showed in the association between

we often say: penny wise, pound foolish. But in life, it happened that some women enough reserve, with cheap will want to account for, have good thing went on. As long as can ceng, can not but scraped. Ceng eat, play, ride, ceng. Occasionally rub a few times, a man doesn’t think slanting. But the number of ceng is much, and it is habitually, will put the man in the heart of a candle lit. If eggs have crack, flies must be hungry. As for how to ding, men aren’t stupid, have a plenty of routines and methods.

6, said some indication with

a man said that he had a beautiful female colleague, and she is good, have what matter all like to, he said, one day before coming off work, she suddenly a word & ndash; & ndash; & other; My husband is not at home tonight & throughout; . That’s great, on the way back home, he thought, to think, when you eat in bed could think obsessively, he always look for female colleague HuaLiYouHua, as to what he suggested. Is he wants to, female colleague is freely then. But when a woman in the face of a man, and have a favorable each other, she came to throw out, so men will surely reflections. Similar things are: & other; A person is so boring, really want to find someone to accompany & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; A man will think, want me to accompany? & other; You’re so good to me, it seems I owe you something & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Owe? Most men think toward the direction of the ambiguous.

7, dresses, do not pay attention to

according to related statistics, the best dialogue between men and women distance is 0.5 meters, but you should keep distance from the opposite sex friend walk around 1 meter. If a woman so close, easy wrong ambiguous message to men, thinking lead to men. Especially for some women with more halfback, if you wear too exposed, too sexy, and man and close at hand, if a man also can detachment, that he is absolutely a gourmet.