Men must guard women’s predecessor

guide language: woman contact with former boyfriend is understandable, but not limited to a new boyfriend. Can understand you not willing to give up, why don’t you contact good composite after?

men must guard women’s predecessor,

the former boyfriend, her boyfriend in the past, suddenly two men separated how much will a bit not used to, some couples because of misunderstanding points hand, so that two people talk about is also can avoid the relationship broken! Others are completely personality lead to break up two people, two people would be unwise to contact at this moment.

the former boyfriend, being a good friend

actually breakup, or failure in love, you don’t put all responsibility upon him. As the saying goes, to make a quarrel. If you don’t have a deadly things hurt him, he could not light meaning just broke up with you. Therefore, after the chemical reaction of love disappear, there is no need to treat him as others. After all, the intersection of the years, he still understand you. When you have something, he’ll read out on the old love to help you, and according to your character and personality to help you deal with the problem. Of course, you can make friends, so even if you drink drunk, also no longer on the sexual attraction and impulse. This time, your relationship, actually already from the relationship of passion into a sibling relationship you have to admit. Even if he in front of his friends or new girlfriend introduce you is just a sister in the eyes of the opposite sex, you won’t feel sad. Because you have put down the burden of the heart, know that he has been transformed into the elder brothers of the characters from your lover. In this way, you can pour out your heart to him, all vexed thing on your life, even many of the contradictions in the new boyfriend and you can also talk to him. But please don’t think that everything can depend on him. After break up, he will have his own things and feelings, if you are the only pestering him, across the boundaries of a good friend, that will give you life and emotional trouble, his life and emotion rather than get in trouble.

the former boyfriend as family

if you do not have so cruel, not so rude, and that is boundless, and it is not easy to make a person. So, this kind of girl will choose the former boyfriend as familiar people and even family members. Even broke up, he was still care about you, take care of you, but not have physical contact with you. And you have been accustomed to his concern and care for you, and think that it is a very natural thing. Maybe you will feel when see his choice and he break up is the most stupid thing done, but when you meet him, you think you made a great decision. Must remember, when you take your former boyfriend as the acquaintances and family members, absolutely can’t go to bed with him, otherwise after the excitement, you will become very remorse. Brokenhearted is very painful, but now that decided to break up, you must make yourself calm down. Perhaps a few months later, do you know clearly all, then calmly about him out to dinner, a call is when an appointment because of work busy to see acquaintances and family, nature.

the former boyfriend completely erase

maybe you can not put this affection, in that he has a new girlfriend, you will cry like a crybaby. If this is the character of girl, even if occasionally think of former boyfriend will cry like a crybaby. You to make themselves feel better in my heart, even you will cheat yourself and the people around you, tell them, don’t break up of all your lies. Worse, when are you getting along with her new boyfriend, you always leave the shadow of the former boyfriend in mind, don’t even consciously take out with your boyfriend now, and even inwardly sighing. If true, this kind of women will eventually put option is the man kill in his memory. Must be to let the man kill themselves, don’t go to deliberately to inquire about his news, be sure to give him to you destroy all the things, including the show you have ever taken a sweet photo. If you don’t do that, you even have a new relationship, will also be destroyed by a relationship before. Any man can’t stand his girlfriend and their interaction still remember when another man. Remember, must be to kill the man in your inner world.