Master of tsinghua on as if waiting for 5 years but give up oneself go hand in hand

guide language: this week if you are the male guest Yang Jiajun is a chinese-american, with double master degree in his successful career, a stable appearance is very excellent male guest. Wait for five years before if ended because give up her hands, why? DetailPic

master of tsinghua on as if waiting for 5 years but to give up his hand in hand go

handsome cry cardiac girl dancers

from Shanghai zhi-hui wang used to be a professional dancer, handsome and free and easy. Want to change myself, 25 years old when he began to study hard, now is a company operating the content of the Internet. Moving dynamic and static character composed, advocate minimalism love reading his individual character is dye-in-the-wood, is quite popular with female guests. At the time of female guest partition, zhi-hui wang had told the host morphy, & other; I see not too clear, when Zhao Yongxiao out must remind me. Whenever her appearance, I will be in cardiac area to leave her a position. Throughout the &; Husbands zhi-hui wang then chose Zhao Yongxiao as district the girl, has received good reviews from zhen-yu jiang.

he said that & other; Before I am a appearance association, also don’t know how to get along with the girl, now that the emotional state of mind is more mature, more prefer mature type of girl. Throughout the &; Lo, Zhao Yongxiao suddenly tears “, & other; In fact, I really didn’t look so mature, my heart very fragile, is a little girl. Throughout the &; Zhi-hui wang admitted that he could understand Zhao Yongxiao euphemism refused, also said he just appreciate Zhao Yongxiao, but not for her. Eventually, he successfully and female guest ShenQun in hand, wish them happiness.

double master 5 year-end on tsinghua if

grew up in America’s Yang Jiajun 28 this year, not only have double master degree in tsinghua university, a successful career he also has a real estate company, is a very good male guest. But there was a young Yang Jiajun & other; Uncle soul & throughout; Cascade, like old songs, hand, collecting stamps, antiques, and there are many forget a friend, appearance is also very stable. When it comes to choose a spouse standard, Yang Jiajun expressed the hope that the other half is a considerate girl, & other; I’m really very busy work is very busy, may sometimes a week or even a month can not accompany her, want her to understand this. Throughout the &;

when it comes to come if you are the reason, it was offered in if the stage on the first kiss is wu XiangDa Yang Jiajun alumni, in tsinghua circles after the program was big, he waited for five years after finally had a chance to the stage on the site. Good and dependable male guest won lots of girls, he chose the female guest yu-cheng li and Hao Wenjie as for girls. Standing on the final selection, yu-cheng li said surprisingly: & other; I think male guest with my friends (Chen) quite right. Throughout the &; The host morphy ridicule: & other; You also recommended by each other. Throughout the &; Thought it was a joke, but after see female guest Chen Xiliu lights again, yu-cheng li Yang jia jun recommended, angered the host morphy: & other; What do you think who you recommend someone must accept them? This is not a commodity, everyone has their own emotional issue. Do you think appropriate? Throughout the &; Yu-cheng li also timely realize his behavior is incorrect.

Yang Jiajun successfully into the inversion of right, in the last question, put forward a special request: & other; Hope the female guest to filial piety, learning, wealth, love and righteousness. Throughout the &; After the yu-cheng li and give their answer Hao Wenjie Yang Jiajun with regret to tell their answer, and said: & other; Must comply with the order in my mind and I’ll choose and her hand, one can’t be wrong. Throughout the &; But the two girls are not the same answer, finally he give up the choice female guest, sorry to leave.

buy luxury goods just for the convenience of Mr Fashion

countries from guangzhou east, Mr Qi is a real fashion whether female guest tempted depends on dressing. Most female guest was sliding into observation area, finally has nine female guest line into the area. Engaged in the cosmetics industry countries east rev. Although only junior high school graduation, but he and other Let students give me work & throughout; And success of the east and have three factories, five sales company. He particularly high requirement for quality of life, pay attention to dress, & other; Can say, I’m better than most of the girls on the dress cost is much higher. Throughout the &;

in the future of his girlfriend, the east rev quite a tall order, and even some puzzling, & other; I am a special focus on dressing of a person, so I also have to understand the other half of the fashion. I see the girl first depends on her dress, such as after contact again to get to know her personality, and other aspects. Throughout the &; In Haitian flavor extremely fresh soy sauce if you are the one “has been on the stage is famous for its character of li guideposts for the boys, the tears confessions, & other; I put the lamp for last, is want to tell male guest, I like you! From the moment you appear, I will like you. You say you can’t cook, I will; You said you have a fear of choice, I have no & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; But male guest eventually did not honored li guideposts for final selection. In the end, the east rev. Select the girl at the beginning of Angela and Jiang Baozi didn’t leave a lamp for him, hope he can find suits own people off the field.