Marry this woman divorce sooner or later

in more and more material and more and more obvious in the reality of social life, we often can see those their own conditions are very good girl but didn’t find object, or is always wandering alone in & other; Singles day & throughout; Sigh in waste

there are girls though is already taken are, but how can she selected object is not set; More good girl married to make girlfriends, friends, colleagues raised man, let a person have to feel sorry, even someone will regret is call & other Flowers inserted in cow dung & throughout; .

however, these are not the key, the key is although some women have been married, but always life and always appear this or that kind of problem in the marriage, let married woman was painful.

so, if you are listed in this paper several kinds of woman, that you will pay attention to, although our marriage is sloppy, but don’t combine living things think too much fantasy.

married the woman cheating is sooner or later the

a, single, like-minded woman. Woman with her talk about her male friend is usually regarded as bosom friend, special performance on the network chat meet online, online talk, feel each other with their like-minded, feel each other about their common that each other can make you feel happy excitement of friends, meeting can even have close contact with the opposite sex, also not to delve into what really suitable to yourself.

2, too believe that the fate of women. Too believe that the fate of a girl, there is always one of the men and women a chance encounter as god arrangement to meet the day of fate, will you set the happened to be in a specific time of that person as a mianmianzhong the doomed. If from the depths of emotion has long been accepted in heaven hypothesis, she naturally secrete a kind of fate, the requirements for men also becomes insignificant.

three, weave romantic woman all day. Some girls love to imagine very perfect, the boyfriend like Denmark romantic prince in the fairy tale of imagination, so that each time to meet all requirements of the other party to make a romantic atmosphere or unexpected behavior. However, it is a pity that most of the boys in the real world does not have such advantages, and some boys will be girls & other; Throughout the &; Send frighten heading for the hills.

4, trusting each other woman. In love girl’s IQ is relatively retarded, madly in love hour to yourself like a man easily, especially the girl and her boyfriend went to bed easier to sexual life of love, even completely degree regardless of whether the two parties, it is very difficult, even girlfriends friend coaxed listened, she is also the most terrible of very obvious lies credulous boyfriend and become the eyes of the beholder.

5, be unprincipled love and spoil the woman. The men are too tolerant woman is much than the average woman tolerance. They will not haggle over every ounce to the man, on the contrary, always with a heart of compassion, even accommodate a man everywhere. This woman is not strict requirements to the man, nature also have no aesthetic standards. Easy won’t pick men’s bad impression.

6, ecstasy to pursue high quality life of woman. In the best of youth, the love of learning women put their precious time to focus on books and exams, to the attention of boys around them clearly enough. This is a direct result, a woman to a man of taste without any progress. After the man, fall in love and selecting partner of many events will be a very bad impact.

the life, while too pure spoony woman. There is a lyrics: read you thousand times also not boring. In this case, the reader is supposed to be a man, is the reader as a woman. If, in turn, let the woman reading a man? Believe that not many women can read, especially too pure woman, more difficult to see through the man heart. They saw the felt surface is usually a man, met a hypocritical hypocrite, the pure woman the sheepare cheated, how about taste?

8, excessive pursuit of luxury and vanity of woman. Certain vanity often help women find high standards of men. But everything has a degree, too vain woman instead pick less than good man. They pay attention to is the man’s money, property, business, outward appearance and so on as well as men. Eyes will only stared at the vanity of woman, it’s hard to how to measure the intrinsic quality of man. And pick up a treasures outside its, defeat garrulous them playboy, absolutely not have taste.

9, with sentiment woman too cannot extricate oneself. Women are sensitive animals, they once considered suited to become their own marriage object will throw this follow their own feelings of woman, usually aesthetic vision of man has been mixed with perceptual and lost many of their own reason, sometimes very impulse to play to elope with her boyfriend. The problem is the listening to advise and lost his head into the others, and appreciate the vision from any talk about?

10, as the woman of interest can be easily to go to bed. Although can beauty lies in lover’s eyes, though the love and marriage are just feel comfortable, but the vast majority of women are prone to birth sex problem always dominate the girl’s feelings of love, many girls once as men went to bed, will want to marry this man as soon as possible, don’t consider the other is for myself, really basic with oneself suitable, therefore, easily with men often eyes were not good girls went to bed!

he found thousands of baidu, may look back, that person is in the lights in fencing, hope to find the girl according to the characteristics of the suitable for their own the other half, everything has a limit, don’t be emotional, after all, the marriage of two people just feel appropriate.

in fact, each person find object does not have to look for the best, only to find the most suitable one. However, for serious emotional IQ less than girls, unique taste sometimes really make people can’t agree, especially for girls, with the character or eye to choose a husband of low level sometimes hard to understand, therefore, if you met the one of ten kinds of woman, and marry her, so, your marriage problems will sooner or later.